Hello everyone on fosstodon and the fediverse. Respawning myself in the realm of Mastodon in attempts to break the shell that I have locked myself into for the last year and while.

I chose fosstodon to do this because of its dedication and sponsorship of which in the new year I hope to add my donation to.

I am a pragmatist but focus on open first. I am . I am . Interests in , , , , and much more.

@axiomjoyride Writing is good. :) What do you usually write - or maybe are writing at the moment?

@SeventhMagpie: Back in my younger days, I used to write alot of poetry but have since let that go to the wayside. I have various novels, short stories, and such that I have started that need to be revisited. The realization of my has brought me to the understanding of why I have let them collect dust and the difficulty of continuation. However, I am slowly working on the battle to get better.

I am focusing right now on a trilogy before returning to the others.

@SeventhMagpie: I like to examine the condition of existence, the realms of possibilities in science, science fiction, and fantasy, and how they all relate to the self moving forward.

@axiomjoyride Science fiction is good, I like it, too. The idea of humanity going into space and discovering other worlds has always appealed to me.

Fantasy, on the other hand, is not quite my genre. :) But it's perfectly okay in any case.

I hope you enjoy your writing. :)

@SeventhMagpie For me fantasy is not wild play of mythical and marvelous creatures and battles of magic, monsters, and knights. The fantasy that I tend to enjoy and imagine writing are expressions of the emotions and mental machinations of what is inside us.

I am partial to Frank Herbert (Dune), JK Rowling (Harry Potter) for those reasons.

@axiomjoyride yey our party gets bigger by a cool buddy eyeyyeye <3 :ac_encouraging:

let's hug and have cookies

@moragame I love good huggles and I love making and sharing cookies. Glad to be here.

@axiomjoyride Welcome! Your interests mirror many of mine, especially self-hosting and Linux. Also writing, but I haven't had the time to do much of that in a long time.

Are you doing any self-hosting already?

@jgoerzen While I have kept much of my hosting on a VPS, I working more to bring most of in home between Nextcloud, xmpp, borg, etc. I am looking to expand more into knowledge management and some social solutions not only for my personal interest but to share among friends and family to promote alternatives

@axiomjoyride That's great! #Nextcloud is fantastic and I run it also. (And #borgbackup, too!)

I've used a VPS myself for a number of years, but presently have a deducated from - pretty cheap for what it is. I've done #XMPP over time too, though presently have been into #Matrix. You might be interested in the #Freedombox project -- they may have put together some of what you want in an integrated box already. Will be interested what you find for knowledge mgmt!

@jgoerzen seems to be best fit for backup for me and I am currently working on getting it into my workflow and my system maintenance regimen. I have glanced at but not delved into it, but will check more into as you and others have brought it up. I am just now diving into and the offerings of yunohost for it makes it compelling. Matrix is promising for my needs. I will keep you posted on the knowledge mgmt exploration.

@axiomjoyride welcome! We have some common interests. I love GNU+Linux, free software and self hosting. I'm glad to see more new FOSS lovers

@werwolf I have been a Linux/FOSS user since 1996. I remember the exciting days of my first experiences and take joy in seeing my old instructor nearly every year at SeLF who introduced me to it.

I admit that I have become complacent and have forgotten much of what I have learned in the hard early days but am now working to break that and get back in the nitty gritty.

@bhart Well as Carl Sagan said we are al made of star stuff. So yes. :)

@bhart Wow. I have not seen those before. On my next visit to the book store, I will add them to my collection!

@mike Thank you. Glad to be here with you amazing folks.

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