I've become such a forum shill lately, I HATE garbage discussion platforms like Reddit and GH Discussions (or worse, Twitter).

Anyways, come join the new @privacyguides forum: discuss.privacyguides.org 😄

@aeva It turns out the best protection against people copying your media is that nobody can figure out how to use CMake

To the developers of "The OG App":

We built #Barinsta for the lolz, a cool story to tell people, and a good learning experience.
You did it for "$1 million in pre-seed funding," a ridiculous amount of press coverage, and account credentials of unsuspecting people (judging by your tweets, initial logins are done on your server, not the client).
We're not the same.

Stop appropriating activism, especially for profit.

#Instagram #Meta

Vulnerabilities disclosure, a new version of the Spec, the tech preview of @thirdroomio@twitter.com, and even a release of @gnome@twitter.com's Fractal. What a week in Matrix!


The Rust programming language releases a new stable version every six weeks, which means Rust 1.69.0 will be released around April 20th, 2023.

RT @JaakunaGaikotsu@twitter.com

Louis Rossmann is considering switching to @matrixdotorg@twitter.com!

🐦🔗: twitter.com/JaakunaGaikotsu/st

There is now the possibility to hash your identity proofs!

So instead of adding your OpenPGP fingerprint to a bio section, you could add:


Not shorter but definitely useful if you'd rather not have people find your profile!

Blog post: blog.keyoxide.org/hashing-iden

goes from strength to strength, this list of new features is a trove: github.com/caddyserver/caddy/r

HTTP 3, virtual filesystems, events, improvements to path matching just a few of them.

hell yeah I think my complaint about a youtube link last week was the tipping point to get @thunderbird@mastodon.online to sign up to #PeerTube! follow their new account here: @thunderbird@tilvids.com!

:fediverse: :fediverse: :fediverse:

By the way, target-dependent code in GNU ld is a shell script that emits C code and the core definitions for the data structures are C code extracted from comments.

The early 90s called and wants their "cleverness" back.

Saw this in a post this morning. I realize that this is supposed to be "inspirational" and show strong work ethic and determination, but Wow does that sound depressing to me. This dude is just roboting through his life like he's "supposed to".

I think there are a fair number of us that are stuck working jobs we'd rather not, but there's no harm in evaluating where you are and realizing you don't want to be there. If you're not happy, you shouldn't stay. Find somewhere you enjoy being.

In case you missed the announcement earlier, Thunderbird videos are now on #PeerTube!


Mastodon: @thunderbird@tilvids.com

@thunderbird is looking for a good #PeerTube instance for hosting their videos.

I'm not too used to peertube right now, any recommendations from the #foss community? I like that Thunderbird would like to use peertube :)


Are there any PeerTube instances you recommend? We don't have the resources (read: time) to host our own right now.

Well, we posted a bad link to YouTube. It's a sign to hurry up and get over to PeerTube ;-)

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IRC bridge admins, there is a new security update out (0.35.0). Please upgrade at your earliest convenience.

Read about it in matrix.org/blog/2022/09/13/sec

Big news for the project!


has been awarded a second grant by the great people at and @NGIZero to further develop the project and make it accessible to a broader non-tech savvy audience!

This blog post should give you some details, and I will be sharing more about ideas and progress soon.

Right now, I can already share the much improved docs.keyoxide.org! Also note we can now verify telegram and stackexchange accounts 🚀

Hey there, again!

If you're wondering why I'm reposting a lot of @gperson's posts, the reason is because they've undertaken the entire thing and are in the process of merging all of our work in a very structured and organized manner.

Their project is likely going to be Tenacity, it's just that we couldn't hand over the reins so easily because they had already worked on a completely separate fork.

^ @n0toose

@kzimmermann My favorite quote: ‘The "S" in "ioT" stands for Security.’

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