I'd very much like it, if the EU wouldn't try to get rid of encryption, but instead maybe focused on increasing the cooperation between police departments in different countries.

The US already showed that mass surveillance doesn't prevent terrorist attacks.

Will we spend billions before realizing this too?

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I'm watching formula 1 for the first time, my friend is explaining everything to me but... I don't really get it...

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"Parliament wants to boost #sustainability by promoting #reuse and #repairs and by tackling practices that shorten the lifespan of products."

A huge win for the #RighttoRepair 🙌 🛠️ : bit.ly/3misaVW

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On #BlackFriday we are saying No! If we want to stop the advertisement mania, we need to stop going for the best deal. Check here why Tutanota has chosen a different business model: tutanota.com/blog/posts/black-
Instead, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving from the entire team. 😀🥰

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My Raspberry Pi 400, powering itself, an Alienware wireless mouse, and a portable 1080p monitor ❤️

Lots of videos on this coming up!

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This Christmas you can give privacy to friends and family. 🥰🎄🎅 We have started working on gift cards for Tutanota so everyone can profit from an encrypted mailbox! 😀

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Ein Mitglied schrieb uns: „Ich möchte nicht, dass meine Kinder in der Schule lernen, Computer zu bedienen, sondern sie kompetent zu nutzen.“

Damit #digitaleBildung mündige Menschen hervorbringt, haben wir ein #Bildungspaket geschnürt. Jetzt bestellen!


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"Die Unternehmen sitzen in den USA, die Daten werden in der Regel ebenfalls dort gespeichert. Das macht es schwierig, sie nach europäischen Datenschutzrichtlinien in deutschen Schulen einzusetzen."


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After the Five Eyes, the EU Council is now trying to backdoor encryption in messaging apps. We will keep fighting for your right to privacy. 💪 Here is why: tutanota.com/blog/posts/eu-bac
It's good that the MIT uses the same arguments: dspace.mit.edu/handle/1721.1/9
(comic v/Stuart Carlson)

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This is just how life is when you're dealing with trillion-dollar faceless corporations," said @aral, who has long campaigned against the control of our data – and lives – by big tech firms.

Read more 🔽


Any opinions on the vollaphone? Will it flop? Will you buy one?

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We're committed to make a sad 2020 for the open web less sad: While Mozilla reduces its workforce by one third, we plan to increase ours by one third. If you are on the #MozillaLifeboat, contact us! With our passion for #privacy and #opensource we build a better & Google-free web. tutanota.com/jobs/ 💪

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August Community update!

- elementaryOS 6 coming to Pinebook Pro

- PineTab RTL-SDR + LoRa expansions & pre-orders this month

- last change for postmarketOS CE

- many community PinePhone projects

- Pinecil coing in September

- PineCube in September

- accessories

- MUCH more:


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It's no secret I'm falling in love with ThinkPads. So is our cat Gregi.

Get one for your ca... I mean, one for you too!

Shop ThinkPads with this link, and you'll support Linux For Everyone at NO extra cost to you: lenovo.vzew.net/l4ethinkpad

Do it. Do it meow!

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100 days ago, the new Green-Red coalition in #Munich adopted the principle of 'Public Money? Public Code!' to guide their procurement of software. Now, we take a look at the first activities undertaken for the use of #FreeSoftware.


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Do you believe that #FreeSoftware should be the default option for publicly financed software? Let’s convince your political representatives!

Sign the Open Letter



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Digital Souveräne Schule schickt Brief an Abgeordneten des Bildungsausschusses in Baden-Württemberg (BW). Inhalt könnt ihr hier vollständig nachlesen. Die geplante Einführung von Microsoft an Schulen in BW trifft auf immer größer werdenden Widerstand - und das zu recht!


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