Ubuntu Touch OTA-17 is released with support for NFC, camera fixes for many devices, and much more!


#UbuntuTouch #UBports #OTA17

@augustsnowpaw jap hatte es installiert um WhatsApp zu nutzen. Bin aber inzwischen auf WhatsApp auf einem rpi3 und Wa web umgestiegen (brauche es leider noch). Hat auch ganz ok funktioniert, war aber relativ langsam. Momentan läuft eine Kampagne um die Nutzbarkeit zu verbessern. gofund.me/acb31504

Ubuntu Touch Q&A 100

The 100th Ubuntu Touch Q&A is this Saturday 8th of May at 19:00 UTC still giving you plenty of time to post your questions. Forum questions get priority so use the forum link before this special Q&A then Youtube Livechat and Telegram during the show.

Live Link : youtube.com/watch?v=CIX-a-i6B1
Forum Link : forums.ubports.com/topic/6111/

#UBports #UbuntuTouch #UBportsQandA #Ubuntu #Lomiri #Miroil #OTA17

@be @kev @lord @Linux4Everyone I enjoy using Discord! I also use Fedora Linux as my daily driver, as well as Matrix, Google services, Windows, and the like. I deeply believe in open source, but the world isn't black and white, at least for me going proprietary SW only or opensource SW only isn't viable. I need a compromise. A bit of this and a bit of that. I known for a fact that platforms like Discord are familiar and appealing to newcomers. No need to be elitist and/or closed-minded.


Umfrage über Hochschulangehörige im Fediverse / Poll about university members in the fediverse

Bitte im ganzen Fediverse verbreiten! / Please spread in the whole Fediverse!

Erweiterte Umfrage / extended poll:


Ich bin Hochschulangehörige*r und nutze... / I'm a university member and using...

I really dont get why people would prefer zoom over something like jit.si for basic confrences

I appreciate this WordPress philosophy overview. More products should be built with these principles in mind:

Works with little configuration and setup
Designed for the majority
Makes decisions, not options
Clean, lean and mean
Strives for simplicity


Release time: You can now write emails faster with the Tutanota template feature! 😀🥳 This release also includes creating logs for search index deletion so that we can better investigate this bug. PLUS, we are almost finished with auto-loading of images for trusted senders. Stay tuned! 😀😀😀

Google and Facebook are two of the most successful web companies because they have managed to convince everyone that their products do not come at any cost. Yet, their ad-based business model harms people & societies on so many levels, it must end now - and you can help. 😀💪

🇩🇪 Bürgermails zu #Chatkontrolle und #TERREG erreichen Europaabgeordnete erst gar nicht, Ursache: Der vom Europäischen Parlament verwendete Microsoft-Spamfilter, den wir nicht einmal abschalten können.

The iOS privacy labels show the difference: One protects and values your privacy. The other abuses your data to maximize profits.
#Tutanota #Gmail
Let's fight for #privacy together! 💪

It's time! InfiniTime, the fully firmware for the , has reached version 1.0. With this first end-user release, the PineTime is now considered an enthusiast-grade daily usage device.


Has anyone found a way to get your raw whole genomic sequence without yielding your DNA to corporations yet?

@kuketzblog passend dazu:

Legal, illegal, ganz egal

Das höchste EU-Gericht hat ein Datenschutzabkommen der EU mit den USA für ungültig erklärt. Seitdem dürften Politiker und Behörden soziale Netzwerke nicht mehr nutzen. Sie tun es trotzdem.


Instagram for kids is a truly bad idea, also in regards to privacy: vox.com/recode/22385570/instag

If your kids need to communicate online, better make them familiar with privacy-friendly alternatives! tutanota.com/blog/posts/how-to

Do you own cryptocurrency? What kind? Did you mine it yourself?

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