54% off Yubikeys when you purchase 2. If you haven't made the plunge to 2FA, today would be a good day to start.

@atoponce @amolith You reminded me of my solokey I’m still waiting, should’ve bought yubikey (solokey production has had problems outside of the producers control so I can’t blame them)

@SonoMichele @amolith You backed the Solo V2 Kickstarter also, eh? Yeah, that's been a mess. Still waiting for mine.

@atoponce @amolith Hahaha good to know I’m not the only one! (I did it on indiegogo so I’ll get it even later than you probably). At lest we will get colored covers hahaha

@jontyms You just secured those accounts sooner than later. Who knows? Maybe a bad actor would have compromised one of them between then and now?

@erAck I backed the Solo v2 keys on Kickstarter and have 2 SoloKeys already with me. For the same reason: open hardware and open firmware.

@erAck I should clarify that I have 2 Solo v1 keys on me. The v2 keys have had nothing but production problems and I haven't received my shipment yet.

multifactor hardware openness / security meta 

@erAck @atoponce any idea how that stacks up against OnlyKey?

(was displeased with the lack of physical polish on the onlykey, but the keypad unlock & secure was a necessary layer for my threat model...yubikey being closed source was just a small part of my decision to migrate away, but have not yet found a solid replacement...)

multifactor hardware openness / security meta 

@jakimfett @erAck I'm very happy with my SoloKeys v1 keys, but they have physical push buttons rather than capacitive touch. I backed the v2 Kickstarter back in February 2021 with capacitive touch, but they've been plagued with production issues, so I haven't received my order yet. But SoloKeys is open firmware and open hardware.

@atoponce Thank you. I consider having at least two, preferably 3-5 YubiKeys a good thing, especially for GPG code signing.

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