This is worth sharing.

It's an animated GIF where every frame is a valid QR code that leads to the "Never Gonna Give You Up" rickroll.

That's kind of amazing.

@atoponce yeah. It's pretty amazing how they managed to squeeze so much redundancy in QR codes. You can fuck up 30% and still have it scan correctly

@ThatCrazyDude @atoponce

BTW this QR code only uses Error correction level L (Low, 7%), so there's room for more. :D

@ThatCrazyDude @atoponce I abused this capability to make liner art for a mixtape concept album once!

>the "Never Gonna Give You Up" rickroll
There's another kind?

@atoponce damn... dunno if i should cringe or be amazed...

@atoponce never gonna GIF you up..
For real this is awesome and so creative!

I don't have a GIF-reader so I can't check if the QR code work. 😐

Also it's technically impossible to rickroll yourself. 😂

Has anyone accidentally tried it?

Is it even rickrolling if you know what will happen? 🤔

@xssfox @atoponce I don't know! I didn't realise you made one, I don't think! It could be? It wasn't attributed. 😞

@xssfox @atoponce Yours does look familiar now I see it, but yes they do look different.
Also wow my browser displayed both of those gifs side-by-side playing *almost* in sync! 😂

@mattcen @atoponce I think I lost the source files for it :( can only online sources that have mp4 crushed it already :(

@xssfox @atoponce Well I just dug up your original toot about it (, but alas I can't help you with the source files. 🙁

@mattcen @xssfox @atoponce yes, I too went looking for the original toot that @xssfox posted (2021-07-05). The two animated QR codes are distinctly different: the recently posted one is a lower detail/resolution QR code, and has a lot more “dot shimmer” frame to frame around the figure to make it still decode, where as the @xssfox 2021 post is high resolution and all “dot adjustment” is within the figure and less obvious.

@ewenmcneill @mattcen @atoponce checking my backups and I can't find it, leading me to think I did all my work in my ~/Downloads folder (no unusual for me)

@atoponce we have been asking for this for such a long time hhahaha

Worth noting for anyone who can't see it that the novelty is that these valid QR code frames together also form a grainy black and white animation of Rick Astley dancing!

I wonder, are they all interpreted as the same QR code, just with different noise added, or are they actually pixel by pixel all correct QR codes that are somehow reformulated to form a different Rick Astley shape?

@clacke @atoponce

An explanation I saw in the original birdsite thread but haven't verified myself:

> It took me a moment to work out what they had done. This is actually a low density QR, with each pixel of the QR done as a 3x3. The centre of each 3x3 is fixed, and is what will be read by the QR code reader. The other pixels are used to make the animation. Clever.

@myersjustinc It's amazing how often these clever things turn out to be really simple when you understand them.

@clacke @atoponce If it's the latter, that'd be a pretty use of error correcting codes.

@csepp @clacke Each QR code symbol is 3x3 pixels where the center pixel is static, the other 8 creating the animation. It's the center pixel your scanner reads.

@atoponce This is one of those rickrolls that tell people in advance about it.

@atoponce @extremexacc

LOL, But you know we've got a few people that don't even know what a rickroll is...

@atoponce ok, i hate you, and also love you at the same time. that is pretty awesome.

@atoponce This boggles the mind, but explaining it beforehand kind of takes all the fun out of rickrolling. 😉

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