This anti-vaccine meme came across my social feeds this morning. I decided to compare it to wearing your seat belt while in a car crash.

You can die while wearing you seat belt in a car crash, but the odds are so low, I think we can all agree on its life-saving benefits.

@atoponce I have some questions. If you compare the vaccine to wearing a seat belt, what do you compare getting infected to? What do you compare to the immunity one gets after getting infected, then getting cured? While the benefits of wearing a seat belt are obvious to the average person, how do you showcase the benefits of this particular vaccine to the average joe who doesn't hold a degree in virology?

@thorn @atoponce I grew up in a world where wearing a seat belt was not common, and for a long time it was only mandatory in the front seats (which makes no sense). I would say that it was not obvious to the average person.

How do you know that the seat belt saves much, much, much more lives than it takes? Statistics. That's exactly the same with a vaccine. Unless you believe that the numbers reported by most governments in the world are wrong, it is very clear: the vaccine is worth it.

@jonasvautherin @atoponce this may sound too cynical, but when were the governments actually honest in what they say?

@thorn @atoponce I guess it depends a lot on the government, but my point was that the numbers coming from the entities made of experts clearly show that vaccines work. If you want to deny that, then you have look into a huge world wide conspiracy.

So maybe I can return the question: what would convince you that the numbers we get from all kinds of entities from all over the world are not one big conspiracy? What would you trust?

@jonasvautherin @atoponce What would convince me? One worldwide vaccine. Developed transparently and openly. A worldwide solution for a worldwide pandemic. Why didn't it happen? Is there a worldwide issue at all? Or did pharma corps take over completely and all governments are in their pocket?

@thorn @atoponce To be sure I understand: do you not trust any vaccine because there are more than one, or do you not trust them because you feel they are not open enough? Or a mix or both?

For instance, both mRNA vaccines are publicly available. Which means that you can literally go read the genetic sequence. Is there something one could do to make them open enough that you could trust them?

@jonasvautherin @atoponce A mix of both and also other reasons. Also, how governments are handling the situation looks like a mix of them exploiting it for gains not related to healthcare at all + them being incompetent.

@thorn @atoponce Right. I understand that. But to me that's orthogonal: the vaccine works and is "open source", so I should take it. Doesn't mean everyone is well intentioned around it.

Similarly, I do not blindly trust the Signal Foundation. I trust the Signal protocol because it is open, and experts I trust said they trust it. That's the point of e2ee.

Boycotting a good open vaccine during a pandemic just to show one's disagreement with a government feels a bit counterproductive, doesn't it?

@jonasvautherin @atoponce 1. The vaccine is not open source, it's freeware. Because the rich countries (but actually the big pharma corp mafia) are not allowing other countries to produce it on their own, but rather "donate" it. Of course, these "donations" come with hidden demands, it's a racket. 2. How's it counterproductive to fear for your life after you went through covid and your experience was very unpleasant?

@thorn @atoponce Well it is open source in the sense that you can go read the code... Or did I misunderstand something?

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