How do you pronounce UEFI?


I only pronounce a very small subset of acronyms as if they were words. These are what I can think of right now:


I removed those that are now commonly known as words but are in reality acronyms like LASER :

@wdavery @Mehrad I'm also curious about JPEG. How is that pronounceable without pronouncing the "J"? Maybe it's silent? "Heh-peg". 🙃

@atoponce @wdavery

😂😅 good questions 😂

The first letter is pronounced as a letter and the rest using the convention of English vowels and consonants. Similar to how one would pronounce iPhone

@Mehrad @atoponce I’m with you for J-peg but U-fo? Not a chance—this is definitely my first contact with an alien life form


fair question, but COVID is actually CoViD because it is acronym of "coronavirus disease", so basically we are reading it as an acronym except the last letter. Plus I deliberately tried not to include any of this type of acronyms that have more than one letter per word.


@Mehrad ohh I did not know that was the origin of the word! I always assumed it was some kind of scientific/technical acronym where all the letters meant something 😅


@badrihippo probably you are looking for is SARS-CoV which is acronym of "severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus"

The most crazy acronyms are not in medicine but are in IT. For example GNU is a recursive acronym for "GNU's Not Unix!"

@atoponce Well, I'm not English so I pronounce it as a Norwegian/German word

@atoponce German interference, I'm most likely saying "You, ehh, fee"

@atoponce @schlink I had to think about which one I use most often, because I think I've used all of these.

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