Realistically, how user friendly is VIM, would you recommend it for an enthusiast that is a beginner programming?

@lovizio @atoponce I actually don't think it's that bad, I was scared but I got the hang of it I'm like an hour, I use it mostly for writing tho

@joeligj12 @lovizio The basics aren't all that difficult to grasp, actually. The rabbit hole goes deep, but you don't have to fall down it to be productive.

@lovizio If you are willing to set it up when it comes to file management and suggestions/autocomplete, yes.
Check out thePrimeagen on youtube, he is an actual Vim guru programmer unlike most general linux youtubers

Thanks Chrono, I'll give it a try that sounds usefull. I don't mind to set it up properly if that will simplify my workflow in the future

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