Here's a quick Python script taking the BIPS-0039 word list, taking out an evenly distributed 400 words, and using that to build indices with Plus Codes pairs as an improved replacement over what3words.

9C3XGRC3+FC = "fruit boil member guitar judge"

Thinking about it further, sticking with 4 letter words decreases the weight of the address in terms of characters and syllables.

I updated the Gist. Now

9C3XGRC3+FC = "hold cave moon inch life"

Shorter by 6 characters and 3 syllables.


I remember from my time in OSM that W3Ws was a big deal to UK folks, and virtually unknown elsewhere.

And as you show, it's extremely simple, to the point of being somewhat pointless, whereas I had assumed (wrongly) that it used some kind of hierarchical binning system (ala Quadtiles),

I wonder if it'd be worth exploring that space further?

@emacsen That's essentially what Plus Codes is. It's a recursive base 20 grid system where a pair of characters is a latitude/longitude coordinate pair. The more character pairs you have, the more refined your location is.

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