I'm really thorn between Sonic Pi and TidalCycles. The first seems more beginner-friendly (installing Tidal is not so straightforward) but Tidal seems better at doing glitches and rithmic patterns, also the community is very active and I can use my editor of choice instead of using one specified IDE.

I want the days to last 72 hours, I hate I have to put aside coding

It's exactly a month since I stopped studying coding. My day-job was just too stressful and have a couple of deadlines to accomplish. I forgot everything, literally.

I found on my way, and I find fascist to compose music while coding, plus I'm musician myself.

Anyone have tried it? Is it a useful resource to learn how to code?

Two days since I'm not having time to study coding (and I have bad anxiety): feeling guilty level 10


"When you'll start to work you won't have time for being depressed, you'll feel better with better mood, and having a fixed schedule will help you to live regularly and happier"

Me at work:

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Being called a boomer by my boomer parents is really the most boomer meta thing out there.

The CSS box model was clearly conceived by an evil person.

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As I'm studying HTML and CSS today I decided to pick up my old blog on writefreely and start customizing it. Ok, it's not that great, but I like it in some way. Kinda brutalist design :D


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I started the Odin Project two weeks ago, from literally zero knowledge. Here's my first (barebone) project:


I really think that a foss dating platform would be a great idea.

Practicing HTML (while listening to progressive rock)

Two days ago I cut off my beard. Today, at work, a lot of people ask me: "Are you new? I've never seen you here".

Is there anyone here with a degree in humanities?

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