I've been getting a negative vibe out of Fedi lately. No so much actual politics and such, but a lot of people telling each other that "X is bad". Not really what I came here for. I wonder if I've just failed at curating my follows.

@ataraxia937 so you're saying fedi is bad? Just kidding 😅

Well, crap! Let's talk about how much we love movies! What's hiding in your list of favorite movies?

@yarmo Believe it or not, I don't actually like movies. But you do make a good point; when people post "good things" I mostly find them irrelevant. But that is an issue for my therapist, who I am seeing in an hour.

@ataraxia937 Software shaming is a huge problem, if you ask me. :(

It drives me especially crazy when people start complaining about programming languages despite not even having an alternative.

@ataraxia937 They're all tools. So long as they do the job and do it as well as you require who cares about the musings of others? I will never understand rabid fanboy-ism. I generally stick to offering a few choices that I know will work from experience, and only if my opinion is asked. "uBUnTu SuX BrUh UsE XyZ u N00b" sort of mentality is counter productive.

@Citizenzibb Taking this idea to the extreme would mean I'm not interested in what other people say at all.

@ataraxia937 I never suggested such a thing, but I get where you're coming from.

On the other hand, is anyone really that interested in what people have to say anymore? We live in the age of super abundant askholes, where everyone loves to reinvent the wheel.

@ataraxia937 just home tl or ftl? I know this says follows, but I'm curious

@ataraxia937 I misread that as X, the desktop server for Linux. 😂😂

But I do agree.

Perhaps trim your follows?

You may find stupid memes and random code talk on my tl but I try to help keep things positive. :ac_joy:

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