Of all the free music I've found on the internet, has to be my favorite. It's not metal this time, try it out. Kristin Hersh is a rock goddess.

@ataraxia937 Oh yes, I've been a fan of Throwing Muses / Kristin / 50FootWave for over 30 years. Seen them / her live many times, most recently in London a few months ago.

@raretrack I discovered this constellation of musicians about 1995, based on hearing "Shimmer" on college radio and Tanya Donelly's guest appearance on Catherine Wheel's "Judy Staring at the Sun".

@ataraxia937 I came at them via the record label 4AD. I was a big Cocteau Twins fan and Throwing Muses signed to the same label in the UK. The Real Romana was the first album I bought of theirs, and have never looked back since!

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