When something is so obviously true that you don't have or need reasons, that's exactly when you should search for some.

What brought on this thought: I drove past a Hobby Lobby, and thought about it being "bad": Because its owner is "bad": Because he is an arch-Conservative: Because that means he violates people's rights? : Because I'm sure what rights exist???

So you see, I started with a knee-jerk reaction, and felt the need to validate it. I soon arrived at philosophy, but oh well. I still think Hobby Lobby is bad, but I'm no longer as sure.

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@ataraxia937 What if I know it needs reasons, but I can't be bothered to look for them because I “know” it's right? 😛

@wizzwizz4 That's basically the same thing in the end, I think.

Well, if Hobby Lobby limits what benefits extend to based on moral values. They are effectively limiting what employee time compensation can be used for. I can't think of a more fundamental right than personal autonomy.

If I told David Green the he couldn't invest in the stock market, because it was gambling and therefore immoral, he'd probably (well ignore me) vociferously disagree based on it being his money.

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