I've come up with the "Barrel principle": Don't let anybody get you over a barrel.
Take Google for example. They have a mean banhammer and like to discontinue stuff. But if the worst they could do would just make you shrug and move on, it's ok to use Google services. YouTube is a good example.
OTOH, if you would be in real trouble, they have you Over a Barrel and you should avoid. Gmail as your primary email is a good example.

Of course, this ignores privacy concerns - it's about availability.


Even Windows 10 with a Microsoft account can be admitted under this principle: You install it and use it, and if MS breaks it or you lose your account, shrug, wipe it, and install your favorite other OS.

Take advantage of things, don't let them own you.

Of course, you may find any principle that approves of Windows use automatically suspect.

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