I no longer have a good opinion of Protonmail. They keep promising things and then not delivering on them - open sourcing, calendar, drive. It's been years for some of these things. I like much better.

I'd delete my protonmail account (and save myself from some spam it gets) but then I couldn't ever change my mind and get it back if that ever looked like a good idea in the future.


Switched a few months ago as well, never looked back.

Welcome to the family

@ataraxia937 Also no download via imap (or any other means I can find) without a paid account, no automatic forwarding of emails, ... it's such a lock-in and I'm furious I fell for it.

@ataraxia937 I'm always surprised that I don't hear more about posteo. They are such great guys. 10/10 recommend.

@mcol @ataraxia937 I like Posteo, but I don't like their decision to not support custom domains. Does anyone have experiences with Because they seem similar but do support custom domains.

@dotcs @ataraxia937 Yeah, fair point. I understand the argument of it not being secure, but at least the user should make that informed choice.

@dotcs I tried mailbox for a few months. This was a couple of years ago now so things may have changed. Horrendous support and a really poor user experience in general.

@mcol @ataraxia937

@kev Thank you for sharing your opinion! So in my setup that includes a custom domain I have to decide between a bad customer service (mailbox) and an external MX server that is necessary for forwarding emails (posteo). Both not very great options...
@mcol @ataraxia937

@dotcs @kev @ataraxia937 I've heard reports of bad service from mailbox elsewhere too (on reddit) but this also may be outdated. It could be worth testing mailbox for a month or so before committing. Or, if you're going to use a custom domain anyway, maybe self-host?

@mcol Thanks for sharing your insights. At the moment I'd prefer not to self-host the mails because of various security concerns. I will consider it though if I do not find a good enough service out there that fits my needs.
@kev @ataraxia937

@dotcs @mcol @ataraxia937 there’s runbox too, I’ve not used them for a few years but I was happy with them when I was with them. Their webmail interface was very dated though. That might have changed now

@dotcs @mcol @ataraxia937 I've been with for a couple of years, very happy with them.

I'm glad I went with instead of Protonmail. I use it for my calendar and contacts.

@ataraxia937 IMHO just accepting mail as an essentially unsafe means of communication helps make better use of it. The most confidential stuff most people deal with is mail they receive anyways (password reset, private info, confirmations), so encryption on your side doesn't mean much.

In this day and age I'd probably go to something like Signal for truly private comms. Email is basically semi-public.

@cadadr I totally agree. And that's why I still use Gmail 99% of the time.. And wish there was a better way to receive sensitive automated messages.

Yikes - gmail is the worst possible choice. It has no public key crypto & #Google has mastered monetizing data. A small operation like #Protonmail couldn't monetize the data to the extent that google does even if they tried.

Note as well that #Electronmail solves the s/w problem. It's a #freesoftware MUA for Protonmail that you can audit & doesn't require you to trust PM's on-the-fly non-free #javascript.


@cadadr @ataraxia937
Can you talk a bit more about this? I never looked at email from this perspective and I don't really see how email is semi-public.

@petre @ataraxia937 So, I'm no email expert, but from what I know there is no way with email protocols to encrypt email headers end-to-end, which means some meta info is destined to leak. Also, you have no control over what email you receive and how: you can't enforce any encryption, and encryption is rarely used in the wild.

I've exaggerated with semi-public tho, sorry. Essence is that the way email is generally used is not very privacy friendly, & the protocol leaks some private metadata.

Been a user for around 2+ years now. And just this year became a paid supporter of it.

I have been considering moving from protonmail to tutanota, but I've already paid for the year until august. Over a year so far with no notifications on android, very disappointing when protonmail is more expensive.

I'm still using Protonmail and considering adding tutanota while keeping Proton too... I must say I believe in alternatives and in paying for services so they can get better (if it's affordable of course). In terms of features, both are lacking for me, with a lot of complementary things present in one but not the other, so I really wish they would collaborate more...
And I do have notifications through Microg.

@Samp @ataraxia937
That being said, using Gmail is just not an option for me: forget about security, you're just sending all your data and that of your contacts to Big G!

@ataraxia937 why doesn't anyone talk about as an option? They have email, contacts, calendar, docs. I'm on the same boat, I want to drop Google for another option but still very undecided on where to go.

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