makes me feel like a responsible computer owner. 😃


@poetgrant I'd consider running if the installer booted on my box. But I don't really like the ridiculous collection of packages installed out of the box. Not that I want to be minimal, but that it's not the huge pile of software that I'd choose.

During install you select an option that only installs a minimal system. I picked XFCE and all the goodies that come with it, but then opted out of most of the other software. Also all of the software that don't need X, but that is because you never know which terminal tool you might need that you didn't know existed! 😃😃

Also, no Systemd, so 'xwmconfig' is all you type to switch DEs/WMs

@poetgrant I don't know. The kernel hangs when it's supposed to mount root.
Also, you sure don't have to explain slackware to me - I go all the way back to 3.6 in '98 😀

Maybe a bad image? My first attempt to install it was foiled by a bad ISO download and second attempt by a bad thumb drive.

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