Burzum is what other Black Metal bands aspire to.

A DBA complained that after dropping and deleting a database, the data filesystem still showed ~650GB in use. It turned out that some lazy person (maybe her) had reused the same data directory for a test database and then forgot about it. (That's not normal with Oracle.) So she ended up deleting those files too, and they were still open. I had to shoot that poor instance in the head to get the space back.

I had to do some OS upgrades (RHEL 6) on a 3-node Red Hat cluster. The nodes kept hard powering each other off due to cluster health checks while I was trying to work. Not just annoying but dangerous. What if dracut had been in the middle of writing the initrd right then?

Next time, I'll bring them up with the cluster stack disabled, by booting with the "nocluster" kernel argument.

I love that there's a game on Steam called "everything" so Steam's Twitter has a tweet that says "Save 80% on everything" and they had to then clarify that they meant the game, not literally everything

It's like SQL injection but for the English language

I just deleted all the books from my goodreads account. I wasn't updating it and I don't like my data getting left out there. I wonder what other places have data on me I ought to delete.

When I left YouTube, I went to bandcamp for my music. And then I wanted so much stuff that I went to deezer. But I don't really like deezer that much, and it's glaringly nonfree, so I went back to bandcamp (and bought more stuff). And now once again I can't afford as much stuff on bandcamp as I want to listen to, so I'm considering deezer again. Music is unexpectedly hard.

I just tried it, and throughput is jaw-dropping. I can't mount it on my Android though. (One more thing pinephone will solve.)

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I wonder if I should use F2FS on my USB sticks, or if it only makes sense on more sophisticated devices like SSDs?

Sometimes I want to switch back to on my desktop. It's beautiful and elegant. But then I remember that I'd have to install and run an entire CUPS and Avahi stack to get full functionality. And that feels basically like pooping all over the system. I mean, CUPS and Avahi aren't horrible software, but they're not up to OpenBSD standards.

I think I will always find it weird that I can listen to (almost) anything I want on bandcamp without having to pay. It's the Honor System all over again, and that doesn't usually turn out well. I wonder if competition from YouTube is forcing their hand?

Are you interested in a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon?

because I'm making a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon


I realized that there's no good reason for me to take the trouble of storing my backups in a fire safe. Everything on them is a duplicate of something already stored in a cloud somewhere. The only case where I'd need these backups is if something goes down, in which case having them stored more conveniently would be fine. Storing them in a safe was about disaster protection, but in that case I'll access the original copies online (with a password I have memorized).

In a slightly different reality I could easily have ended up using a phone as my primary computing device. Cloud storage and processing for most everything, like an old thin client desktop.

But Google ruined it, such that it's something to avoid instead of buying into.

I'm listening to French music now. I don't understand French so I don't know what it's about.


Sometime in the last year or so I seem to have discovered a way to avoid fighting on the internet: When I want to express a negative opinion, I clearly phrase it in a subjective manner ("I don't like" or the ever milder "I don't enjoy") rather than objectively ("This sucks"). That way, someone who feels strongly the opposite way will be more likely to ignore me than to fight.

There are, of course, topics too sensitive to be handled even this way. So I never talk about Arch Linux any more.

1930's Agatha Christie is best Agatha Christie.

It's always surprisingly difficult to stop reading a book in the middle when you don't like it. But I just did so; it was starting to feel like watching MST3K or something.

If I watch YouTube with invidious or NewPipe, I don't pay into the system or see ads. But I still would feel like I'm contributing to the YouTube / Google hegemony.

Man, the audio quality on accuradio is terrible. It's good enough for classical, but metal sounds like it's coming from a tin can.

@azure mentioned Lord Byron and it made me think of this. Just about everyone has heard of him. But how many of you know his first name (without looking it up)? I didn't until I specifically searched for it not too long ago.

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