Thanks to @Mayana for setting off a brainstorm for me. So often when someone suggests something, you first reject it, and then a little later you think it's a great idea.

I no longer find that FOSS, or even computers in general, are an important part of my identity. So I'm out of place on Fosstodon and I'm moving to a general instance @ataraxia937 . That's actually @Gargron 's second instance.

On RHEL 7, if you install the group "gnome", it doesn't actually come up because it doesn't include the X server. You have to install group "Server with GUI" to make it work. That's a little disingenuous.

I got bored and considered installing Gentoo again in a VM. But I don't enjoy the Gentoo system once it's built, so I won't.

I started reading the classic book Escape from Freedom by Erich Fromm. But I'm having a hard time getting into it.

It bugs me a bit that I can't export my keys from Authy. I mean, sure, that's good for security. But it feels more like lock-in.

I think a major component on my anxiety comes from growing up with 8-bit "Nintendo hard" games. I would cry about them and my parents would take the "That's nothing, wait until you grow up" approach. So I've subconsciously been waiting for adult things that are harder than Nintendo hard. But in reality, adult things are meant to be doable. And my parents didn't know anything about how unreasonably hard those games were, which made their responses false.

I think the reason why I'm happy on Windows when most of you aren't, is that over the years, I've come to use my computer like a Windows user, even when it's running something else. I don't want to customize anything, and I don't want to maintain it.


I wonder if I count as some kind of asexual by now. I haven't had sex or sought it out in 20 years now. But I do still have physical "urges".

So I see the kernel folks are going to remove racist (and such) language. I feel some of this is overreaction. But there is one place where it really is a bit too much: network bonding. The term "bond" is ok, I think - it's meant to make you think of gluing two NICs together. But the member NICs are literally called "slaves". And the command to manually manage it? "ifenslave".


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