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It occurs to me that I never introduced myself on Fosstodon. I'm a 40-year-old guy from Pittsburgh, PA who's been using Linux for 20 years now. I've been a professional sysadmin since 2007 and generally don't need docs to get most of my job done any more. I've used almost all of the big distros and a bunch of the smaller ones.
Besides that, I'm interested in science, philosophy, political theory, history, rare coins, and written sci-fi.

Where's a good place to talk about non-FOSS computing (Fediverse or otherwise)? I keep wanting to ask for opinions on Windows software and it doesn't feel right to pollute this instance with it?

Any Chromebook users here? I've wanted one for a long time. Especially as they become more capable. What's a good one in the $200-$300 range, hopefully released this year for the most longevity?

I always found fun and interesting. But I have nothing to sign or encrypt to make use of it. I guess that works out ok since I sure wouldn't want to have to back up those keys properly.

Two days ago I saw linesmen from my ISP working on wires on my street. And now my network is unreliable. They must have screwed something up. But good luck for me getting it fixed, since it's Comcast.

Just made the drink "purple pirate" - rum with grape juice. Not bad at all. Drunkenness, here I come.

The socialist answers to social problems might be on point. But it does us no good if we die anyway. Same with the privacy issues people here like to think about. As a species we are great at concentrating on the details while the big things sweep us away.

I feel that socialist answers to climate / ecological problems do not likely work. And only the libertarian / capitalist answers might work. But those only work for the 1% types. So, my prognosis for the future is that rich people escape the earth, leaving us normal folks to die here.

It makes me glad I don't have kids. And maybe I'm just plain wrong.

Just enabled TOTP on every account of mine I could find to have it. Feels good man.

Once U2F becomes as widely supported as TOTP, I'll revisit it. sure is great. For all those passwords you will have to type by hand and also need to meet stringent password strength requirements.

Confession time: I switched to Windows a couple days ago. Voluntarily. Should I leave Fosstodon?

@kaniini reminds me of Theo DeRaadt from OpenBSD. And that's intended as a compliment.

I think Mac is actually the worst elements of both Windows and Linux without the upsides of either.

This blog post I found states the problem so wonderfully. Unfortunately, his solution is only theoretical.

I occasionally see people saying 2FA adds negligible security if you already have a strong random password. Anybody here want to defend that opinion?

(I will eventually stop tooting about authentication. I promise.)

Keepass (any version) on Linux users: How do you handle the syncing to multiple devices? Syncthing? Doesn't it confuse the software when the file changes underneath it? Doesn't it bug you not to have a copy in the cloud (= safely offsite)?

Additionally, does anybody have a good experience using keepass on ChromeOS? Support seems lacking there.

Hardware keys are surely more secure than TOTP. But you can't back up your keys, so even with two keys registered, availability is less. I guess I'll stick with TOTP since I'm more worried about losing my own access than about bad guys getting in.

U2F / Yubikey users: Not all supporting accounts let you add more than one key. How do you deal with the possibility of losing or breaking your key?

Related: I keep finding that I'm still on some level trying to achieve my "ultimate computing setup" that would have made sense about 20 years ago. Computing has moved on, but my inner instincts haven't. I guess that just means I'm getting old.

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