And now I'm actually tempted by a Pixel 4 XL. I'd also like to know how the Librem 5 works out, if I knew anyone who actually got one.

Steam's "Steam Guard" mobile app 2FA is total security theater. It allows to simply fall back to getting a code via email (the default setting without the mobile app) with a single click in the login form.

#psa You should probably stop using as a search engine.

#Startpage appears to have sold out to a company called "System1" who are a "pay-per-click behavioral ad company"

Please boost for exposure.

Here’s my implementation of ed:

# include <stdio.h>

int main() {
while (1) puts("?\n");

I've discovered that if there's a cat in the cover artwork, I probably won't like the description of a book.

I sure do like Bitwarden better that the alternatives. I hope it doesn't go away any time soon.

Backing up cloud data is annoyingly manual. Sometimes I imagine a tool that can automatically suck down my data from different servers. But then I realize that this would be terrifying from a security perspective.

There should be a shop that caters to owners of reptiles and amphibians. Call it Herp Derp

Biometrics: insecure.

Passwords and PINs: somewhat secure.

Keeping your phone out of other people's hands: secure.

Thanks largely to @matt , I've found that I can actually go without biometrics on my phone. All of the apps I use that require frequent auth support setting a PIN. And since my fingerprint reader is unreliable, it's actually a win for me not to use it.

So the Pixel 4 will have no fingerprint capability. How stupid. Does Google expect all third party apps to handle facial recognition? Or users to go back to password auth everywhere? I'm not buying this phone.

I'll try VPNs again when they commonly route IPv6 traffic securely instead of ignoring or disabling it. I'm committed to IPv6 and lukewarm on VPNs.

I should add, that I too generally believe economics is a real field with valid theories. And yet I'm not a hard-core libertarian.

So it seems there's a trick being played somewhere, like that illusion where an extra square of chocolate is "created" by cutting the bar in a funny way.

Economic theory goes hand in hand with classical liberalism (more like libertarianism than left-liberalism). People generally believe in what economics has to say. But they don't so much subscribe to the liberal viewpoint. Seems inconsistent to me.

Had an interesting experience today. I was gaming, and noticed there was a small blind spot in my vision that was hard to pin down. And then it got bigger, and I could look at it easily. It was in both eyes, at the same spot. And then it started to grow and move, like water soaking across a paper towel. And then it got a staticky, sparkly edge, and finally I knew what it was - a migraine aura! I never had one before, and I've not known myself to have migraines. Unusual to start this at 40.

So the secret in FIDO2 physical keys, from which all keypairs used to authenticate derive, is already compromised once it leaves the factory. And since there is no backward secrecy and you're not (supposed to be) able to change it, it will always remain compromised.

The only thing I know for sure about politics is that I don't know the right answer. It's easy to find a system or ideology that appeals, but that doesn't make it an actually working answer.
Real world problems are hard.

Things to avoid if you want your Linux servers to work right:
- 3rd-party kernel modules
- Network storage (including NFS)

Based on my professional enterprise experience, these two things cause almost all the outages.

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