I followed a @comicbot that posts random webcomics. It's made it obvious how dark most webcomics are, even before 2020.

I logged into work, and checked my queue. I found the set of three wipe and reloads for tomorrow disappeared. But it's not because someone is being nice to me. It's because the customer is being a pain and changing the schedule after it's all set up. TWICE. And now the work is off-shift for me.

That's something, I guess.

I've never understood . What does it get you over just using one of your normal computing devices? I don't want to talk to my computers.

I was cutting the bad part out of a quarter of pear and I dropped it. It went right down the drain and was gone.

I mean, I wouldn't mind dying too much, but other people would object to me doing so. And I'm afraid of the experience.

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I feel that I've done all the meaningful living that I'm ever going to do. From here I will just start getting old. I'd like to "opt out" of the years ahead of me somehow. But I don't particularly want to literally die.

I've been off work since Monday of last week. On Friday I officially go back, to a heavy workload right out of the gate. And tomorrow I have to call the help desk for my password again. I'm dreading all of it. Some people feel recharged for work by time off. I never do, it just makes me hate working even more.

What is your favorite OS for if you want a wide variety of tools for multiple languages to be easily available? I'm thinking .

What is the best way to read as they come out? disappoints me since the "bonus content" is often missing.

Trying again with hashtags:

What is the best related nonprofit to to? People here seem to like Trans Lifeline but I know there are others.


Today I realized that I forgot Tor Project when giving money to nonprofits. 🤦

Also, I've noticed that Trans Lifeline seems to be the most popular choice on the fediverse to donate to in the area of transgender issues. Why is that? Is it really the best option?


I may have said this already, since it's been in my head for a long time.

IMO crypto combines the worst features of gold (isn't productive, see Buffett's opinion) and stocks (high volatility), with the benefits of neither.

So given my toot from yesterday, I guess crypto is the Mac OS X of investments 😜

I almost made Twitter useful, as a means of following updates for my favorite webcomics. But Twitter's UI is such a garbage fire that I don't want to.

Then, I almost made RSS useful, for the same purpose. But the "extra content" (alt-text and bonus panels) often isn't in the feed, so it's pointless.

Strange how reading webcomics can be difficult.

Sometimes I think Macs combine the worst features of Windows and Linux with the benefits of neither.

Many years ago, I wrote Java code and deployed it on Tomcat. Since then, I've frequently worked with people who do so. Weird things commonly happen, and the logs don't help you fix them. Instead you try random things until the problem disappears. I suspect that nobody really understands how Tomcat works.

Self-hosting seems to me to be a form of self-reliance. And I'm suspicious of self-reliance in today's world. No man is an island, and never more so than now.

I've always found learning programming from books difficult. It's boring and I retain nothing.

And then I can't learn by doing either, since I didn't pick up the basics properly.

I woke up today with a scratch in my eye, maybe on the inside of my eyelid. It's been bugging me all day.

I've often thought that the best argument for our world being a simulation, is the existence of the Planck length. Anything smaller wasn't worth simulating, and the effects of looking there are undefined.

When something goes wrong:
- If you can deal with it yourself, that's an annoyance.
- If you need the help of someone you know, that's a hassle.
- If you need a stranger to help you, that's a real problem.

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