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It occurs to me that I never introduced myself on Fosstodon. I'm a 40-year-old guy from Pittsburgh, PA who's been using Linux for 20 years now. I've been a professional sysadmin since 2007 and generally don't need docs to get most of my job done any more. I've used almost all of the big distros and a bunch of the smaller ones.
Besides that, I'm interested in science, philosophy, political theory, history, rare coins, and written sci-fi.

All that said, I'm also feeling bored with my other online hangouts right now. Maybe I'm just old and jaded.

These are unpopular opinions here on Fosstodon. I'm starting to wonder if I don't really belong here. It's also true that there's a lot of "developer" toots here, and I gave up that side of things years ago.

Anybody know of a more appropriate place for me to hang out? (Mastodon or otherwise)

Back when the Linux desktop was half-baked and hard to use, I was a hard-core free software fanatic, and gladly made the sacrifices needed. These days, I use it because it's actually easier and better. If Windows were more functional and reliable, I would happily switch.

The same goes for big data today. I happily pay Google and Amazon with my (boring) data in exchange for excellent software and services that make my life easier.

Look at the size of this grape! Can't even eat it in one bite!

I canceled my Librem 5 preorder. It's just not a good fit for me and I can't force it to be so. I'm not a privacy nut or a Google hater. I'm not even a die-hard Linux nut, really.

On the plus side, all it took was one short email to get my money back. Top notch customer service from Purism here.

I got bored today and replaced my fresh Debian with Arch. Still bored anyway.

I finally gave up reading history (failed at Hobsbawm's Age of Revolution). I think I'm done with such books for the foreseeable future. SF is generally much more pleasant.

A couple days ago I tried but was put off by a rather trivial behavior I couldn't figure out how to change. The screen lock and screen blank timeouts are separate values, so my screen stays on while locked.

What I want:
- screen is on when session is unlocked
- screen is off when session is locked, whether I locked it manually or it locked automatically
- ok if screen turns on very briefly when mouse or keyboard are used while session is locked
- basically, GNOME's behavior

One day later, I'm having a bit of buyer's remorse on the Librem 5. I really want what it provides but I fear it won't be practical for my usage patterns.
I guess if I don't like it, I can resell it later once it's no longer available at the preorder price.

Just pre-ordered the Librem 5. The price is good, and I like what it offers. Hopefully it's a good phone and doesn't keep slipping the ship date.

I switched from Fedora to Debian (testing) today, just because I felt like it. I installed with KDE plasma, but decided I didn't really like it, so I switched back to my favorite, plain GNOME. I'll bet this runs stable for as long as I want to keep it.

Does "socialism" necessarily mean "planned economy"? Or are there forms that don't?

The way OpenSUSE has the standard tools included, but then adds YaST on top of it, reminds me of a Samsung phone, with standard Android tools and then Samsung's apps added on top. Both feel a bit awkward with some unwanted duplication of functionality.

I kind of want to quit YouTube, but I don't like PeerTube content, mostly because I don't understand French.

When I install a different distro just for fun, even though I know it's not as nice and won't last, I feel like an Amish teen on a rumspringa.

What's everyone's favorite distro to use KDE Plasma on? I've been a GNOME guy for a while now and a change could be fun.

I sure do like Fedora. Packages new enough, but not bleeding edge. Software built and integrated the way upstream intended. I try other distros but I always come back.
I just hope Silverblue doesn't screw it up. Not a fan of Flatpak so far.

MX Linux is apparently the new hotness. I loaded the ISO in GNOME Boxes and the GUI doesn't start. Oh well, that was a quick test.

I have Arendt's "The Origins of Totalitarianism" on my reading list. It looks like an interesting and important book, but it's also a large scholarly tome. I want to know what it says but I don't want to read it. Has anyone here read it?

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