I ate an Italian sub as big as my head. It was a positive experience.

NetBSD is not really good, but it could be fun. The reason why it currently isn't is that the docs are so stale. It's quite hard to know how to work with NetBSD if you're not a project insider.

I am mysteriously all alone at work today. And lots of weird problems are happening. Three more hours and I should have some relief.

It seems to me that has died. At least, I haven't seen it in my feed lately.

It broke loose and started working again on its own. After two rounds of Android popups asking if I should kill it or wait. Who knows.

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Sync for Reddit is hanging hard. Evan Even after restarting it. Very weird.

I just tried to build a NetBSD toolchain on OpenBSD. It exploded. Oh well.

It amazes me that multiple major FOSS projects are still using CVS in 2020. The performance problems alone should be enough to switch away.

I learned a new command today: rdsetroot. You know how the bsd.rd kernel has its own internal ramdisk it mounts as root? rdsetroot is the command to manipulate that ramdisk for outside. You can extract it to a file for mounting, or replace it with a new one. Of course it's well documented in the man page, too.

I'd rather have software with fewer features, than more features but some don't work right. I guess that's just another way of phrasing the UNIX philosophy.

I keep looking at how various OSes work on Pinebook Pro. And then noping away again. You know when I'll want an ARM laptop? When it's as mature and easy as amd64.

I'm tempted to try NetBSD/amd64 on bare metal desktop. Not because it's good, but because it's so hard to make work. A part of me wants a challenge.

OpenBSD vmm(4) docs say you can only run Linux and OpenBSD guests (for now). I tried to run NetBSD in it anyway. The NetBSD bootload shows ok, and then when it boots the kernel, the VM dies completely. I guess the docs weren't kidding.

Adguard DNS is up today, but not actually blocking ads.

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Apparently Firefox 76 currently doesn't compile on NetBSD 9.0. So the 2020Q1 package set is stuck with 74. LOL NetBSD.

PSA: Adguard DNS is down. I use it on my phone, and I suddenly found nothing worked on either wifi or cell data.

A handle of Black Velvet doesn't have anything resembling an actual handle. It's awkward to pour. I've been lied to.

Roast beef + sour cream + beef bouillon + green peppers + tomatoes + mushrooms + rice. Good food.

I wish every day could be like today. No chores, no working, a pleasant drunkenness, delicious food, no need to leave the house.

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