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It occurs to me that I never introduced myself on Fosstodon. I'm a 40-year-old guy from Pittsburgh, PA who's been using Linux for 20 years now. I've been a professional sysadmin since 2007 and generally don't need docs to get most of my job done any more. I've used almost all of the big distros and a bunch of the smaller ones.
Besides that, I'm interested in science, philosophy, political theory, history, rare coins, and written sci-fi.

I'm amazed that out of all my toots, this one has gotten the most engagement. Clearly people care a lot about credential management around here.

For myself, I'm ok with storing the username and password database in the cloud, as it changes frequently and is annoying to sync by hand. But I keep the 2FA credentials local, since those don't change much - and I have the seeds (including QR codes) backed up on paper in a physical safe, which makes it easy to restore them if needed.

Several password manager apps also let you store your 2FA credentials. I'm not sure I like that. It defeats the point of 2FA since everything you need to log in is stored in one place. If you want to do that, at least consider storing them in different databases locked by different keys.

Hmm... Neal Asher or Adrian Tchaikovsky? 🤔

Why is it that when I'm bored, the first thing I think of is to reinstall my desktop with a different distro? Self, no! Leave that working Fedora alone!

A couple days ago I tried but was put off by a rather trivial behavior I couldn't figure out how to change. The screen lock and screen blank timeouts are separate values, so my screen stays on while locked.

What I want:
- screen is on when session is unlocked
- screen is off when session is locked, whether I locked it manually or it locked automatically
- ok if screen turns on very briefly when mouse or keyboard are used while session is locked
- basically, GNOME's behavior

What's the best ISO to use for installing now? It used to be , but I seem to remember having trouble using it for that purpose after they switched to an Arch base. I don't much want to use the official Gentoo ISO, as it's a bit bare-bones to be working in for as long as it takes to get Gentoo up.

A while back I talked political theory on here. Looking back, I'm amazed I got away with it. It seems so dangerous to say things that people might strongly disagree with.

That little Mastodon "bloop" noise is a sound of happiness 😀

I am trying to figure out what "techbro" really means, beyond the connotations of "geek + bad guy". I see it defined elsewhere as "tech workers who are ruining the west coast", but then I also saw it thrown at us Fosstodon users during the recent controversy.

I spent quite a bit of time this past week trying to curate my home feed. But I kept running into the problem that I didn't know what my goal was, i.e. I didn't know what would be interesting. I'm not really interested in much that people talk about here except desktop Linux. So I think what really appeals to me is the opportunity to actually interact with people, which I rarely get to do in real life. I ended up following mostly people on my local instance, because I felt that I "knew them".

I highly recommend doing regular exports of your data from Mastodon and adding it to your backup set. That way you're not screwed if your instance goes poof one day and you have to set up somewhere else.

Hardcore avoiders of Google/Facebook/Amazon/etc are the vegans of the computing world.

I think I consider the various non-predictable post sorting algorithms on commercial social networks a form of gaslighting. Did you see this content before or not? Are you actually caught up, or is something you wanted to see consistently being sorted too low to reach? Is everybody ignoring some topic you find interesting, or are you just not seeing it?

I will say that I at least find it more useful / interesting than any of Facebook's networks. Good god, the ads you wade through on Instagram.

These last 3 days I'm experimenting with birdsite, which I never used before. But I can't seem to make it useful or enjoyable. It's just drivel and anger. I even agree with most of what I see, but it's still crap. Am I just following the wrong people, or is Twitter useless?

Are there fedi "celebrities" who post great general content I should follow? I tried using Trunk to find people to follow but all I really got that way was a firehose of boosts that I couldn't even keep up with. I want quality over quantity, but I'm not looking for specific subject matter.

I don't keep important data on my local disk, but that doesn't mean I don't need to make backups.
- Google contacts and calendar
- Google passwords
- Google Docs
- Goodreads Library
- Fosstodon follows
Of course, you may care about more than that. But the point is, do make backups of your data stored in the cloud. Preferably local ones. I keep mine on encrypted USB sticks in a safe in my house.

@Tutanota Android app updated for me today from the play store with support for the new calendar. Tutanota is running rings around their nearest competitor. Fully encrypted mails right from the start, properly working contacts, f-droid availability, and now this. I actually pay for their service while not really using it, because I want it to be there when I finally need it.

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