Why do people love this toot so much? 馃

Let make this a poll! Have you ever gotten any kind of value (a job for you) out of LinkedIn?

Last night I gave much thought to the document situation. Google Docs, the most convenient and featureful, vs Cryptpad, the one I actually want to use. The problem is that Cryptpad isn't very pleasant on mobile. I realized that only one of my docs would be regularly accessed on mobile. And it's a shopping list for books. So I decided to write that on paper and put it in my wallet. Now Cryptpad is totally good enough. Sometimes you have to think outside the box.

After three and a half years at this job, I had my first failed change today. The customer's fancy new automatic upgrade tool let me down, and then locked me out of even trying again.

Apparently everyone is under the impression that LinkedIn is useful to someone else, but has never gotten value out of it personally.

My subs appear to have posted all their content as usual while I was gone. And here I am making up for lost time. Mission failed?

Let make this a poll! Have you ever gotten any kind of value (a job for you) out of LinkedIn?

I tried out Zoho Office today. It works well, but somehow turns me off anyway. I guess it's because their web presence feels very corporate and enterprise focused. It's also available free of charge and without encryption, so it doesn't really improve on Google Docs for me - I don't feel like a real customer, just a "user".

What are actually good sites to find a job? I want to delete my LinkedIn, but not if it's actually a top-tier site for this purpose.
I know about Indeed already.

I'm starting to feel that while is what I want, it's not quite mature enough yet. Particularly on mobile. I will continue to support the project with a subscription, and to spread the word, but I'm considering not really using it right now.

I have the need to store and edit several "notes" and one proper rich text document. And I want an actual app on Android, not just a mobile site. Is my only real option (without self-hosting something) Google Docs?

Has anyone here actually ever gotten a job through LinkedIn? Does it work better than those other kinds of job sites?

It turns out just the UI never updates in this case. If I back out of the app page, it shows it as "ready to install". Clown shoes.

While I'm in a complainy mode here: I sure do hate LinkedIn. Absurdly anti-privacy, as usual for mainstream social networks. Constantly bugs me to install their app. Full of recruiters who basically spam me about jobs that I not only don't want, but have said right in my profile that I don't want.

And here is a new problem I just discovered: If my screen turns off during a download, the download hangs forever. Unusable.

@cryptpad Any concrete plans for an Android app? I see a feature request open for it but no official response. There are numerous pain points when using the webapp on mobile, and it seems a dedicated app would allow best for fitting the UI to mobile without polluting the existing web UI.

I saw a thread here complaining about from a developer/supply perspective. I also hate using it, from an end-user/demand perspective:
- The category lists are randomly blank
- The app closes too soon when updating itself, so I need about 3 tries to get that done
- The download speed for anything is glacial. Something big like OSMand, about 100MB, would take nearly an hour to download.

I've actually written off Android without Google, because the f-droid experience is so bad for me.

I wonder how really went. How would we ever really know?

I think I prefer bourbon to scotch. But I haven't tasted all the varieties of Scottish whisky yet.

When this browser replaces the current Firefox, I wonder what I'll do if I don't like it. Switch to DuckDuckGo's browser, maybe?

I'm not liking the new tab page in Firefox Preview. It has this silly Collections thing, but no place for my most visited sites.

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