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It occurs to me that I never introduced myself on Fosstodon. I'm a 40-year-old guy from Pittsburgh, PA who's been using Linux for 20 years now. I've been a professional sysadmin since 2007 and generally don't need docs to get most of my job done any more. I've used almost all of the big distros and a bunch of the smaller ones.
Besides that, I'm interested in science, philosophy, political theory, history, rare coins, and written sci-fi.

What's everyone's favorite distro to use KDE Plasma on? I've been a GNOME guy for a while now and a change could be fun.

I sure do like Fedora. Packages new enough, but not bleeding edge. Software built and integrated the way upstream intended. I try other distros but I always come back.
I just hope Silverblue doesn't screw it up. Not a fan of Flatpak so far.

MX Linux is apparently the new hotness. I loaded the ISO in GNOME Boxes and the GUI doesn't start. Oh well, that was a quick test.

I have Arendt's "The Origins of Totalitarianism" on my reading list. It looks like an interesting and important book, but it's also a large scholarly tome. I want to know what it says but I don't want to read it. Has anyone here read it?

Anybody profitably using a qtwebengine browser? I tried a couple months ago and had performance problems. Especially hitting 'h' on Reddit to advance through my feed was really painful.

@queuedhub My tips for new Debian desktop installs:
- enable contrib and non-free repo sections
- install firmware-linux package
- edit /etc/pulse/daemon.conf and change flat volumes to no (and uncomment)
- mkdir /var/log/journal
- add your account to adm and systemd-journal groups
- edit /etc/bash.bashrc and uncomment bash-completion and fancy prompt
- consider removing unattended-upgrades package if you want to manage updates yourself

I started reading a history book (Thinking the 20th Century by Tony Judt and Timothy Snyder). It turns out to be an expert level semi-academic book, and I'm a beginner at 20th century history. I'm mostly lost. This sucks.

I guess I'm really being lazy here. Installing Arch on LVM on LUKS is not really so hard.

Lately I've standardized on full system encryption everywhere, even on my stationary and physically secure desktop. But that makes installation of "expert" distros like Arch and Void not worth the effort. I miss the fun of those systems. I wonder if the encryption isn't important enough to be a hard requirement?

I've had a cold the last three days. Keeps getting worse. I'm actually too sick to even read a book today.

It seems to me that the number one problem people have with Linux these days is that they have NVIDIA graphics. It's gotten so that as soon as I see mention of it, I don't even try to help. It's just not going to be a good experience no matter what you do.

Delicious, we ate them all. Salt and maple syrup.

Making fried sweet plantains for lunch. Never had them at home before.

Paypal just texted me that my card declined my monthly Patreon payment. And that apparantly "none of my alternate payment sources worked either". But none of my payment cards that are in Paypal are alerting me about it. Multiple payment methods don't all just start silently declining charges. Feels more like Paypal is the problem.

I've been reading a history book of Chinese philosophy. I read about all these old masters who tell you to take things as they come, be natural, don't have strong desires, etc. And then I notice, they don't tell you how to work, because there's no mention that these guys were actually employed. So yeah, if I didn't have to work either, I too might find it possible to become one with everything, or achieve nirvana... Just about all of my worries are forced on me by my employer.

What's the deal with OpenSuse? It seems the least polished of the big distros to me. I see the kind of rough edges that used to be common elsewhere about 10 years ago. Every time I try it, it's obvious that I can get a better experience on Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, or Arch.

Unpopular opinion: I don't like Arch's AUR. I feel that if it didn't exist, Arch's official repos would be bigger by now. Imagine if all those popular packages mentioned in the wiki were in the repos. And that's what I really want - not a long list of software I have to build myself.

IMO: If you are using Android with the full Google suite installed, there's no point in privacy-focused apps on this platform. You don't achieve privacy benefits and just make your phone more painful to use. Lipstick on a pig.

Getting a tankless water heater. The equipment costs about $1100, but total cost of installation is $4200. There's a lot more work and retrofitting than I was expecting.

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