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Linux elitism makes me sick. I'm tired of people screaming at me what I should be doing on my computer. Shouldn't the linux desktop be about freedom, not about basement people with super inflated egos narrowing your choices?

Please don't be a linux elitist. It's not healthy for the community and your social life.

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It's a bit frustrating that the Small File Media Festival website is so large that it's impossible for me to load even the front-page.

@urusan email and patch driven git workflows, rather than GitHub and pull requests

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You know, the basic concept of an NFT — a unique token on a public ledger that serves as a transaction receipt related to a URL and some metadata — has some utility in places where transaction non-repudiation is important

Which makes it like 1000x more frustrating that like 99.5% of what it's being used for is either actual or borderline scams. Even the stuff that's not intentionally scammy is so bullshit that the distinction is really just a legal question. And that's before we get into the bulk of these being built on distributed ledgers that are energy-intensive to update…

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trains are 1D transportation
boats are 2D transportation
planes are 3D transportation

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My new experimental text editor is live:
Adjust the grid size and text direction to create weird and expressive layouts.

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I've started from a series of opcodes and am building my way up to actual programs, and at each step of the way, I get these kind of "stop reinventing the wheel", or "isn't this a solved problem".

I feel like a lot of these people have somehow bought into the myth of progress, or think that we're somehow smarter than people of the past, or that we've ascended from the old problems.

We're both looking at each other like, you're the foolish one. Computer science is too young to calcify.

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Never release on a Friday because if something goes wrong you make people work a weekend

Never release on a Thursday for the same reason

Never release on a Monday, because if something goes wrong you could tank a week of dev work. Same with Tuesday.

Never release on Wednesday because that's when everyone else releases and your chance of an integration break is too high.

Never release. Run into the wild, let your feet touch grass, be free of the chains

@garritfra TIme, Clocks, and the Ordering of Events in a Distributed System by Lamport 🕰️ It unlocked so many doors of additional exploration for me the first time I read it. And it's a relatively short paper too!

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One of my favourite "morning papers" covers Meyer's seven sins of specification. Reading Meyer's original paper and Strunk and White's "The Elements of Style" improved my technical writing enormously.

The first comment (by a certain David Parnas) raises an interesting question of whether there can be a "truly readable mathematical specification". Sadly, I believe the answer is "no", given many developers' difficulties with mathematics.

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Such a wonderful blog post on how, through the efforts to replace the mainframe, we all just ended up re-inventing the mainframe.

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Hard to think of anything worse for open source than the idea that publishing your code obligates you to become a project manager, a community manager, and a long term support contact all at once.

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CARMACK: *makes a game with well-meaning scientists whose work gets used by an evil company to open a portal to hell*

CARMACK: *makes another game with well-meaning scientists whose work gets used by an evil company to open a portal to hell*

CARMACK: *makes ANOTHER game with well-meaning scientists whose work gets used by an evil company to open a portal to hell*

REAL LIFE HELL PORTAL COMPANY: Carmack, please come work for us

CARMACK: this is probably fine

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We're a technologically enhanced town square full of professionals, loudmouths, crazy people and imbeciles alike.

All given the same platform and the same ability to speak our own piece.

Transmitting (usually) banal, meaningless info through the most complicated logistical network ever created in the history of mankind, by orders of magnitude.

A network that, should it fail, would immediately stop the world in its tracks for a while.

Ever stop and think how hilarious it is that we are here?

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So this is what all those thousands of employees are working on! We've reached peak UI!

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NFTs as post-pandemic escapism 

> The NFT boom is not about art or ownership. It is about escape.

Hadn’t really thought about it in this way, but as an NFT/Web3/Metaverse sceptic the timing couldn’t be better. We’ve been (and some still are) cooped up and isolated with the pandemic that who can blame wanting to escape the 4 walls we’ve been confined to and reconnect in a world that promises no physical restrictions.

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