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Fun fact, Freenode owns Of course, redirects to

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Why is Google telling me to be careful about my privacy?

Google: "Don't worry, your old pal Google has got your back, but you need to be careful about all those 3rd parties who could be violating your privacy!"

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Random rant about bathroom devices 

My scales in the bathroom broke and I was looking for new ones just now. It was rather hard to find one without bluetooth and apps. To my surprise even toothbrushes now seem to be bluetooth enabled...

I mean, why? What benefit would this possibly have???

What's wrong with us??

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A user has reached to us and asked that we check if all updates on her laptop were installed correctly.

When asked, she did clarify, that a Microsoft Office update has installed itself recently, and everything continued to work fine. Which made her suspicious.

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So, in less than 6 months on Fosstodon, I produced over 1K toots (most of them poops really - can't refrain from sending stupid memes) and surpassed 100 followers.

Unlike other platforms, not a single one was I offended or attacked by anyone. Instead, I've had a good couple of meaningful conversations and enjoyed this weird feeling of being a part of a community that kinda makes sense.

Way to go, Fosstodon. Way to go.

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I think I finally realized why I'm not a fan of most pop beyond "catchy tunes": it's all the same story rehashed.

It's some sort of amorous incompatibility. It's something about some aspect of sex, a thousand ways to say fuck me or I want to fuck you. It's I make money. It's I got ways to display my wealth. It's some form of omg I was so high last night.

Why? Because so many people can relate to one of those things in some way.

I prefer a unique story, I guess? Discussion welcome

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For me, it really does make reading man pages way more comfortable. I wonder if we could do something similar for reading other text heavy content... like perhaps?

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I can't remember where I came across the idea of reading man pages with vim by setting the $MANPAGER envvar. I think it was from this post

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> Why Open-Source?
> Would you buy a meal if the restaurant refused to tell you the ingredients? Would you buy a car if you weren’t allowed to look under the hood?

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@mike @hund personally I've fallen in love with the HHKB layout. And as a bonus it's very light and compact so I have no trouble packing it with me when I go to the office for the day. Is a bit pricey though which is unfortunate 🥺

@liaizon @grumpy that was my first commit to tootsuite/mastodon so I'm certainly no expert. But if it's not been looked at when I'm back from travels will be happy to take a look ✈️👌

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(un)popular opinion: Yes, #Rust is great, but most applications are totally fine with a GC allocation model.

The langauge is optimized for more system-critical applications than most of its users are working in.

A literal fork of rust that introduces a good GC would kind of hit a sweet spot for a lot of applications.

Algebraic data types, typeclasses (aka traits), functional programming at the fingertips, strict evaluation.

Kind of an #OCAML #StandardML for the next decades.


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I find it helpful to pause and to reflect with gratitude and respect for those people of talent who did the hard work and also chose, for whatever reason, to release that work for the benefit of all.

That's what makes FOSS priceless.

Stay grounded.

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