Rust, rant 

I started learning Rust at the end of 2016. And even today there are many aspects I really value and enjoy, from reading and writing the language, to the community, tooling, philosophy, and design decisions. After all this time though I still find myself struggling to 'write Rust in anger'. When it comes down to the wire. When there's business at stake. When you just need to deliver some tangible value from the software you put out there. I keep finding Rust getting in the way. [1/2]


Rust, rant 

It makes me wonder if the language itself is too complex. Not in terms of the learning curve, but in understanding the ramifications of each design decision you make, and how they affect the codebase, and the project more broadly. What makes me sad is that this line of thought destroys my confidence in Rust, or at least in my ability to use it as a tool. That if I had to write some critical code 'in anger' that I would be better off reaching for Go or Java rather than for Rust. [2/2]

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