It's definitely not pragmatic - with ~6 years or being productive with . And it's less than sane - having tried this at least 3 times before.

But... I really want to pickup and become proficient with . Enough to make it my daily go to editor for most things ⌨️


One of the reasons I think I've struggled in the past is from trying to replicate my vim setup in emacs. This of course means I just end up fighting with the editor rather than doing things the way

@toxicafunk Both are awesome projects for sure! 💯

With I found myself inevitably trying to configure emacs directly which (without solid understanding) felt like a lot of fighting.

I haven't used in a while and might revisit. Though IIRC it was quite a bit slower and more bloated than doom

I also kind of enjoy emacs bindings so sticking with vanilla seems like the best option for me... but who really knows 🤷‍♂️

@asym I struggle with the same thing. I'm now trying to use evil-mode exclusively, that means I need to remember the emacs keybindings.

@asakeron Good luck holding on! From the limited time I've spent with evil-mode it's pretty impressive ✨

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