Is there something like Meet dot Coop, but with ? I want to keep paying a for a video conferencing service but I'm getting tired of , it's just too buggy 😪 and today Jitsi saved me when BBB failed

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@astrojuanlu @SocialCoop What if also hosted a jitsi instance? Perhaps in partnership with Mayfirst? @Wtebbens

@Matt_Noyes @astrojuanlu @SocialCoop
I'm not sure about the benefits. There are certainly some positive features in jitsi, but several aspects that make BBB more valuable? At least for larger group sessions. Note the whiteboard, room and access management. Would be happy to discuss in depth in

@Wtebbens @Matt_Noyes @SocialCoop

Truth is that I rarely use the whiteboard or breakout rooms, and that most of my meetings are 1-1 (some have 3 people, rare).

I think BBB is fantastic for conferences and events (the Open Source Cubesat Workshop uses it), but for individual meetings, I don't see the big benefits of BBB over Jitsi.

Jitsi Just Works™, even on mobile (by having a native app). Besides, it's catching up on features (lobby, breakout rooms), although I don't need them as I said.

@astrojuanlu @Matt_Noyes @SocialCoop Yes, for such small meetings there's less added value. In any case should also just work of course from a UX PoV!

@astrojuanlu @Matt_Noyes @SocialCoop
As for a cooperativist service like, let me share that bootstrapping this requires a huge effort and KISS! i.e. focus on just a few things while building up the memberbase to become sustainable.

@Wtebbens @Matt_Noyes @SocialCoop I totally understand and in fact, I think it's the right way to do it. I really love and I want you to succeed! However BBB is failing me too much (you already saw the thread I opened in the forum) and I'm worried about making a bad impression on my clients, that's why I'm looking for alternatives.

@astrojuanlu @Wtebbens @SocialCoop Totally agree and am aware of the KISS priority. But wouldn't it be cool if what do already: use BBB (on Meet.Coop) first and keep Jitsi (on meet.jitsi - no relation ;-)) as my fall back or for easy one on ones where I don't need all the features -- and do it call via Meet.Coop? uses Jitsi - why not share so that each cooperative's members can use the tools that they need for a given purpose?

@Matt_Noyes @astrojuanlu @SocialCoop
Yes, we all have that fallback. I've seen few occasions where we needed it, but it's there :-)

@Wtebbens @Matt_Noyes @astrojuanlu @SocialCoop
> What if also hosted a jitsi instance?

I understand admin for a jitsi instance can be messy, and jitsi config options are complex, bearing strongly on just what functionality is available to a user? Any views on this? @jamiem @FreeScholar

Users' varying requirements and practices are becoming more apparent. See this thread on downloadable mp4 vs BBB web playback, as ways of mobilising recorded video media.

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> Jitsi Just Works™ . .. Besides, it's catching up on features

The killer feature in jitsi for my money is the dual-language slider that mayfirst implemented @jamiem

Maybe, time for a chat on federated video services?

@mike_hales @Wtebbens @astrojuanlu @SocialCoop @jamiem Great idea. My fantasy is that you both agree to share access so that a user could also use the jitsi instance on mayfirst, and vice versa for bbb. Each coop maintains its platform, maybe pooling resources. If users all drift to one platform or the other the coops might decide to go with just one. Maybe it would make sense for meet to be the official home of the platforms?

@Matt_Noyes @mike_hales @Wtebbens @astrojuanlu @SocialCoop @jamiem
We've been using BBB via and also jitsi via Mayfirst (where we are also members). We usually use jitsi unless somebody already scheduled a BBB, but like belonging to both co-ops and as our uses of BBB gets more sophisticated, might gravitate more over there, over time.

@nemobis @SocialCoop Thanks! I saw these listings yesterday. However, without a measure of latency & uptime, they're only half useful.

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