This is honestly the first time I feel excitement about a Linux distribution. Been a proud user and sponsor of @linux_mint for years, but the @elementary folks are doing impressive design and usability work, and they have good marketing. Congratulations for the release!

@astrojuanlu @linux_mint @elementary well, maybe, I just really don't enjoy the osx look, and it just feels like many of the programs are being "dumbed down" I just enjoy the part of linux where one build something that is very much ones own instead. Just feels more satisfying and it works just as I want it to, one of the reasons I mostly left windows is because I have to work the way that microsoft says I should.

@sotolf @astrojuanlu @linux_mint @elementary I agree, I wanted to switch the family computer to ot but its honestly a little too limiting. And the little bugs and annoyances I saw in some reviews were a deal breaker for me

@joeligj12 @astrojuanlu @linux_mint @elementary Well I mean, if you like the look and don't feel limited by it it's okay, I mean I run a really limited system myself (very few gui programs) but it's limitations that fit in to how I work, and how I enjoy using a system, I have a setup that is extremely tailored to how I work, it works wonderfully for me, but I think nearly anyone else sitting down at the system would be very frustrated :p

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