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@alain Oups.C'est quoi la taille d'image maximale sur Mastodon? Oui, en utilisant l'image Android 7.1 avec mon pbp, le wifi et le BT fonctionnent ensembles sans problème. J'utilise Manjaro KDE. Il me semble avoir lu dans le salon pinebook sur matrix que l'image Android ne fonctionne plus avec les dernière versions de uboot, mais je n'ai pas vérifié.

@JF Out of curiosity, have you tried rendering a montage that includes multiple video clips?

Has any owner here managed to use a BT headset? I'm on . My headset connects fine but the sound stutters a lot. If I disconnect the WIFI, the stuttering stops. If I run the android image on the pbp, everything works flawlessly, which tells me this is not a hardware issue. I haven't found much help with the various forums.

@xinayder If you compare this to what routinely happens within most governments, this is business as usual. It doesn't change the fact that Manjaro is now a good distro that is backed by a great community.

@admin And thanks again, I just learned how to properly use Content Warning... 🙂

You Just need to tell them "there is an app" 😂 

@admin I know... 😉


@brandon Thanks! Currently Manjaro, but I'm a distro hopper... 🙂 As to my favourite FOSS project, Matrix, Nextcloud, IPFS... I can't choose.

Hi. I'm new here, but not new to Mastodon. I ran my own instance for a while, but I gave up trying to bring family and friends on board, so I shut it down. I'm mostly interested in everything related to computer technology.

I tend to keep a very low profile, I don't post very often...


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