Hi. I'm new here, but not new to Mastodon. I ran my own instance for a while, but I gave up trying to bring family and friends on board, so I shut it down. I'm mostly interested in everything related to computer technology.

I tend to keep a very low profile, I don't post very often...

@astdenis Welcome here! This is a great community. I think it's difficult to make Mastodon appealing to people unless they are aware of Twitter's censorship and abuse... and sadly that usually happens when they get censored/banned (which def doesn't happen to most people).

@astdenis Welcome to FOSStodon :) What distro are you running? What's your favourite FOSS project?

@brandon Thanks! Currently Manjaro, but I'm a distro hopper... 🙂 As to my favourite FOSS project, Matrix, Nextcloud, IPFS... I can't choose.

You Just need to tell them "there is an app" 😂  


They still won't come

Welcome to Fediverse

You Just need to tell them "there is an app" 😂 

@admin I know... 😉


@admin And thanks again, I just learned how to properly use Content Warning... 🙂


Welcome, hope you will have a good time here!💻️


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