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So I started with a new project; file-based data storage for SwiftUI apps. Let's see how that will go.

For anyone mad at the 404, I renamed it to Farm:

Because it's shorter and nicer, imo.

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Just finished rewriting a Swift lib I first made 9 months ago or so back when I was really really stupid as opposed to just stupid that I am now when it comes to all-things Swift. Still a README to do for it, and some finishing touches, but generally speaking:

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Reminder that if your website does ANYTHING with the scroll event or sets the CSS scroll fuckery property, I hope that you die in a horrible car crash

My Jimmy Joy Plenny Shake 3.0 arrived. Tastes pretty good! Let's see if I can substitute my breakfast with it or not. I suck at eating breakfast usually, and by that I mean I don't really eat breakfast, so here's to hoping that fixes it.

I mean yes, I can add onTapGesture, and then manually add the text to the clipboard, but I mean, maybe you don't want the whole text?

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I can't believe there is no way for you to make Text() selectable in SwiftUI.

I’ve concluded that poker isn’t for me.

So I just wrote a blog post on something, not really even sure what, but I guess something to do with programming languages.

I'm fighting the urge to rewrite my personal site in Swift.

I wish Medium would just blow up or something. Every single code tutorial on there requires me to sign up in order to read it. Ridiculous.

So I went with Realm as a database for my iOS app, but now I can't run my app with iOS 14 beta because Realm doesn't support that yet which also means I can't use TextEditor so now I'm sad.

Having a vacation out of town this weekend. Now I write code in my head.

Beware, wrapping ScrollView with a ZStack makes every scroll lag. Don’t know why, but it does.

XCode 12 beta 3 is a challenge work with in that the debugger is so broken it doesn't even show any prints. I'm quite literally coding in the dark.

I keep tripping up on the fact that === is not the same in Swift that it is in JavaScript, PHP, or the like.

I don’t blog often, but when I do, I don’t.

Well I managed to solve my TextEditor problem. Apparently it doesn’t like some StackViews much.

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