@celia You'll only regret the chances you didn't take in life!

@celia Don't worry! Apply anyway. I don't have any degrees, never even made it to highschool. I believe half the people working with me have no format education in engineering. But if React/Typescript/CSS is something you do, you'd be perfect for the role.

@celia If you decide to apply, you can mention my name as well, if it helps :)

@celia What about Spain? careers-dnvgl.icims.com/jobs/1

Disclaimer: I've been working for them for 2 years (1.5 years of it remotely), very happy with them.

One day Apple will give me my developer account. One day.

Booked flights to Barcelona in November. Here’s to hoping the borders are still open then.

@logrus1 Hey Phil! Scuba diving is cool, I've always wanted to do it. Welcome!

Some progress with my Apple Dev account, they wrote to ask for my documents, so I guess things are moving along!

@sir I don't know where else to write this, but I can't change my payment information on Sourcehut. The page just shows up as blank. Sorry for the spam!

Android app development is a horrible, messy, ever-so-confusing thing to do. No thanks. APPLE PLEASE TAKE ME IN.

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Looking into Android app development meanwhile Apple is being slow with me. One way or another I shall create apps!

Day 6 of waiting for my Developer Account from Apple.

Signed up for the developer account on Friday, it's now Tuesday, still don't have it. Online I read horror stories of how they just, won't give it to you, for no apparent reason. I hope it's not my case.

@celia I always wonder how the people who prefer to self-host everything actually find time to maintain that everything as well. Next to a full-time job, hobby projects and a personal life I really can't see myself self-hosting much other than my own website.

@hejo I believe you. I also prefer single monitor. Moving my neck is just too much work.

Would love to work at Neuralink, but unfortunately only US positions are available :/

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