My thoughts on the Apple walled garden after spending a couple of years in the iOS ecosystem.

@kev I definitely agree with a lot of your points, BUT:

- it is virtually impossible to get an app to users except by paying Apple $100/year to get on their App Store
- for MacOS, users simply won’t use your app unless it’s signed by Apple (which you also have to pay them for). Users don’t want to do the command+right click and bypass security restrictions. Apple can also revoke at any point like with Epic

I am also a heavy Apple user, but there are aspects of their walled garden visible to me


@blueberry @kev

Point 1: Unless you spend lots of $ on doing a ad campaign to drive users to your personal site where they can download the APK, you also have to pay the Play Store to distribute it. Most prefer Play Store.

Point 2: Yes, MacOS users prefer security. And no, if you play by the rules, they won't revoke anything. If you don't, well, you got it coming.

@asko @blueberry @kev Quick note for completeness: Apple’s fee to publish on the App Store is $100 *per year* where the Play Store asks for $25 *once*.

That’s quite the difference 😉

@Crocmagnon @blueberry @kev Yes, but what you get is also different. You can then publish not only for iOS, but also tvOS, MacOS, WatchOS and iPadOS. Not to mention unlike the Play Store, App Store actually moderates what kind of apps can and can not enter. From my experience just about any app can enter the Play Store. Viruses included.

@asko @Crocmagnon @blueberry I also heard that Google are introducing the same 30% cut from developer profits as Apple already have. The gap is closing.

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