I have started a weekly blog where I'll be sharing things I myself have learned called Squash Bird: squashbird.com.

Next update of Bruno will bring with the optional ability to create an account and sync your data with the "cloud", so that when you lose/break your device, your data would be safe.

This also goes to pave the road for a not-so-soon coming macOS app of Bruno, with sync between your iOS and Mac app.

Polished up the design of my personal site. Much cleaner now.

Now applying the same logic, if I was forced to cater to the sub-1% of my software users, I would never have time to ship a single product.

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The whole debate about allowing alternative app stores is sort of funny to me. How big of a % of, say, iPhone users would ever use an alternative app store? I'm willing to bet less than 1%.

By far the most tedious part of releasing software, is updating marketing material (copy, imagery)

And, as a sort of a dream slash goal, in 15 years, be able to mainly live off of interest earned. Would be awesome.

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I've set myself a goal to make €2 per month of passive income on interest earned from the investments I started doing this year, by 2021. Of course I will re-invest it all. Let's see if I can pull it off. I'm currently at ~60 cents per month.

One day Apple will give me my developer account. One day.

Booked flights to Barcelona in November. Here’s to hoping the borders are still open then.

Some progress with my Apple Dev account, they wrote to ask for my documents, so I guess things are moving along!

@sir I don't know where else to write this, but I can't change my payment information on Sourcehut. The page just shows up as blank. Sorry for the spam!

Android app development is a horrible, messy, ever-so-confusing thing to do. No thanks. APPLE PLEASE TAKE ME IN.

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Looking into Android app development meanwhile Apple is being slow with me. One way or another I shall create apps!

Day 6 of waiting for my Developer Account from Apple.

Signed up for the developer account on Friday, it's now Tuesday, still don't have it. Online I read horror stories of how they just, won't give it to you, for no apparent reason. I hope it's not my case.

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