Working on a re-designed task detail view for Bruno.

One day Apple will give me my developer account. One day.

Booked flights to Barcelona in November. Here’s to hoping the borders are still open then.

Some progress with my Apple Dev account, they wrote to ask for my documents, so I guess things are moving along!

@sir I don't know where else to write this, but I can't change my payment information on Sourcehut. The page just shows up as blank. Sorry for the spam!

Android app development is a horrible, messy, ever-so-confusing thing to do. No thanks. APPLE PLEASE TAKE ME IN.

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Looking into Android app development meanwhile Apple is being slow with me. One way or another I shall create apps!

Day 6 of waiting for my Developer Account from Apple.

Signed up for the developer account on Friday, it's now Tuesday, still don't have it. Online I read horror stories of how they just, won't give it to you, for no apparent reason. I hope it's not my case.

Would love to work at Neuralink, but unfortunately only US positions are available :/

So I just put in the order for the Apple Developer Account. Excited and scared.

Alright so the caveat of going with a json based database model and keeping it all in memory is that there's a recommended maximum of memory you can keep at a time, or you risk your app crashing.

However, according to this:

For newer iPhones that's somewhere between 1GB and 2GB, which is a massive amount of data for a json database, something stupid like like ~7.5m to ~15m records. So for _most_ applications, if you also do some purging of ancient records, you'd be fine

Done! By doing the re-write I managed to also remove like half the code base. I'll have a blog post about my data management solution soon enough.

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Ok, so apparently constant read-writes to storage file is not the most efficient. Will re-write to read once on app open, and write once on app close. Everything else will happen in memory.

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I've reached the phase in my app's development where I now try to break it however best I can.

I do plan to release the database as open source soon as well, once I can generalise it enough to support all sorts of use cases.

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Woohoo, now that my app doesn't depend on Realm anymore, and runs on my own database, I can compile it with iOS14. Super excited about that. Getting closer and closer to a releasable iteration.

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