@RateUnrate It is not incompetence of the CEO/owner but the profit motive which is the cause of such spinelessness...

@rupagulab Such a na茂ve positivism.

Aurangazeb wasn't a fascist, he never ruled all territorial regions of India.

@ashlinpmathew Delhi Police is plain fascist. They will repeat the Playbook until they have a new employer or they are disbanded.

@YourAnonRiots But he does involve himself and his community in a lot of ritualism.

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We need the assistance of the #Fedilab community to help with some decision making!

So below, we have a multiple choice poll..

Thanks for taking the time to help developing Fedilab, and boosts are always appreciated 鈽猴笍

What do you mainly use Fedilab for?

@MariaHill I was hoping for Internationale at Bernie's inauguration.

@rudolf @briar They use some Israeli software provided by Cellebrite company. They provide kits for breaking into phones. The company claims they can break encryptions of more than 60% phones in the market.

@briar Okay. So when Briar is not direct in use, it immediately locks you out of the app?

May America heal (uspol) 

May Biden heal USA and bring it back to regular feel-good non-ugly political discourse of subjugation of sovereign countries to export democracy, covering up of war crimes in the name of national security, leading the global efforts for actionless (non)mitigation of climate change, controlling more minerals and oil worldwide, addressing institutional racism with token rewards of positions to black people and spending more on military to keep the world safe from itself.

@briar I have a question. If state gets their hands on a phone of some journalist or activist with Briar installed and used for communication, will they be able to access all chats?

In India, the way police access E2EE is that they physically access the phones and clone them. Then they scroll through chats from the cloned phone. They have done it often for WhatsApp and Telegram..

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Would you use Briar more often, if you could easily use it with @tails?

How much should it cost to admin a mastodon instance of say 1000 people?

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