Is there a FOSS, human dignity respecting, privacy friendly alternative to LinkedIn?

We need one also for ResearchGate.

@aseem we're building one for the papers, will be providing link to the project once it reaches a stable iteration

@aseem Someone was making a LInkedIn using Activity Pub, but I unfortunately forgot the name.

I am not on ResearchGate myself. Which features of RG are important to you?

(I hope the @GrassrootsReview system becomes part of an ecosystem of open science services. So it is good to know which other services are valued. I had almost considered joining RG just to investigate.)

@aseem I notice that is not a good formulation. Someone was making an alternative to LinkedIn, but recently gave up.

@VictorVenema @aseem I assume you are referring to

And yea, we're building a professional social network (which LinkedIn is too). But it won't be a LinkedIn Clone, because we believe we can do much better than LinkedIn.

@flockingbird @aseem Naturally it will be much better. 😎

Do you know ResearchGate? It is a professional network for scientists. They are mostly sharing with their direct colleagues when they have a publication, but they can also ask each other questions. Would be great if Flockingbird is flexible enough to also clone *cough* improve on ResearchGate.

@VictorVenema Thanks for the suggestion.

I'm not familiar with ResearchGate, other than seeing it mentioned on HN or elsewhere.

I'm also not familiar enough with the intricacies of the scientific community to be able to say what the needs, businesscases and details should be.

Our initial focus is tiny and narrow: "manage your business network" for founders/professionals.

Once that is in place, we'll certainly expand: intranets, universities, or -indeed- scientists might be fitting usecases

@flockingbird In case you would like to have a look:

To spread that you have a new publication one would need to be able to broadcast messages with a link. Messages tagged as publication would need to be listed on a page on the profile page. That would be the basic need. Further tags for topics would be nice. The ability to add old publication/messages to such a list without broadcasting them, just for completeness would be helpful.

@VictorVenema we'll need to research (pun intended) the intricacies of research publication further before implementing, though.

On all levels. So also if we want to promote the idea of 'more publications == better career'. But also details like how to handle co-authoring, references, retractions, authenticity, etc. It's a complex domain, full of intricacies that we don't yet grasp.

Bit: do you use LinkedIn to advertise your research (papers), currently?

@VictorVenema as for topics: our current aim is to allow you to publish both 'aspirations' and 'competences'. Each of which can be shared with your network (the instance), the world (public), or no-one (private).

Would that cover your case?

@aseem I am using [vutuv](, which is open-source and seems to be privacy-respecting as well. It does not have all of the features of LinkedIn, but I consider that to be a good thing :)

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