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Seems like a good time for an "oops I never did a real " post.

Nice to meet you, my name is Andrew. I'm currently working on my Computer Science degree, and I have a previous degree in Ethics, History, and Public Policy. I'm looking forward to (continuing) chatting with you all!

I have too many interests to list here, but I'm on because I love to code and I am a strong supporter of open source software. I also enjoy music, particularly classic rock and heavy metal.

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Signal proxy is up, dm for details

پروکسی سیگنال فعال است، برای جزئیات پیام دهید

Проксі-сервер сигналу працює, надішліть повідомлення, щоб дізнатися більше

(Translations by

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Kind of annoying living in a county with a "sin tax." The sole purpose of the tax is to fund the upkeep of stadiums downtown. The pro teams, which are privately owned, have threatened to leave if the county doesn't maintain their buildings. They know people will freak out if they take away sportsball... So we all get to pay a special tax when we buy beer so that billionaires can keep funneling money out of local pockets into their own. Too bad I wasn't born rich I guess.

I like the idea of , and I think hashtags are underutilized here sometimes. On the other hand, I don't like tons of hashtags in my profile. A bit of a contradiction...

Signal proxy is up, dm for details

پروکسی سیگنال فعال است، برای جزئیات پیام دهید

Проксі-сервер сигналу працює, надішліть повідомлення, щоб дізнатися більше

(Translations by

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Signal is apparently only interested in people using docker for their TLS proxy. This annoyed me so I went looking for alternatives. Amazingly, I found exactly what I was looking for - a simple nginx setup, works on Free/OpenBSD, no "layers of abstraction."

I haven't tried it yet, however I looked over the nginx files and they should be easily adaptable to any install that's new enough for the stream module. Awesome.

Hm. Maybe I'll just host it directly on the VPS. I always prefer hosting data on hardware I actually own, I'm just having a hell of a time tracking down the problem. HAProxy is logging the traffic - I have no idea what happens to it after that. The net_proxy module just keeps spitting out stack traces that I don't have the time/inclination to decipher.

I compiled 0.12.1 and I'll give it a shot if I have time tonight.

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Also the net_proxy settings, if it helps

c2s_ports = {5222}
s2s_ports = {5269}

proxy_port_mappings = {
[15222] = "c2s",
[15269] = "s2s"

proxy_trusted_proxies = {}

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Is anyone aware of an issue with 0.11.13 / 5.4 and mod_net_proxy? I was getting connection errors like "End of input stream reached" from clients when testing before and now tracebacks. My haproxy config and prosody ports are identical to those used on the module page.

Is there any particular bridge distribution method that's more easily accessible/popular in Iran right now? Asking for a friend who is thinking about setting up another bridge 😉

I understand why they won't let you limit the amount of lower level content when running roulletes in . Still, it sure would be nice sometimes...

It drives me crazy when people give completely irresponsible advice about SELinux.

If you think enabling the haproxy_connect_any or httpd_can_network_connect bools is a solid workaround to support non-standard configurations please delete your blog immediately.

I wrote about 5K lines of commands in a style, well organized.

It’s about ..etc.

Would you like to contribute if I host it on ?

Still seeing this message on boot/in dmesg on my Lenovo laptop since upgrading to kernel 5.19 on

blacklist: Problem blacklisting hash (-13)

It seems to be purely cosmetic, just annoying. The workaround proposed on the Arch forums is to delete the systems secure boot keys. Unfortunately I actually use secure boot so I guess I'm just stuck with it.

Arch officially (and finally) dropped Python 2 a few days ago

Still available in the AUR if you need it, of course

How many of you recently getting started to Emacs?

If you love :emacs:, please boost.

If you use :emacs: for under 1 year, please share your experience.

If you use :emacs: for programming or anything else, please share.

#Emacs #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #OrgMode

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Signed up for my first "Virtual Networking Night" today. Even though I won't be graduating until after next term, at the earliest, I figure it's good practice. It's been years since I had to schmooze.

"You're looking for a needle in the haystack but you've got to collect the whole haystack to find the needle."

Unfortunately my University agrees, until recently they were also a Social Sentinel customer.

Day 1 of Operating Systems and I already feel bad for people who have never used a *nix OS. Like 80% feel bad, 20% smug that I don't have to adapt to Windows tools for once.

Ok more like 60/40. At least Windows has WSL now.

Wildcard certificates vs. One cert per subdomain

I've heard arguments for and against both. What do you think?

(The absence of an It Depends™ option is deliberate.)

Well, so it seems I have all my no-snaps-alternatives figured out in Ubuntu:
-Firefox: using Mozilla provided binaries.
-NetBeans: using a .deb provided by the official Apache web.
-Eclipse: using the official Linux installer.
-MySQL Workbench: using the official Ubuntu .deb.
-VSCodium: added a ppa provided by the official web.
snapd is obliterated, and so far everything seems to work as expected. Crossing fingers now. :ablobcatfloofpat:

Florida man (dark-ish humor) 

Kurt Vonnegut joked that he intended to sue the tobacco companies because they had been promising to kill him for years, yet he lived.

Well I've been told that Florida might be underwater in the future. Climate scientists are going to be getting some very angry letters if we keep polluting AND have to keep that state.

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