I am using Nitter, an alternative interface for Twitter, just in case I want to read a thread on Twitter. Previously I hosted the instance directly on my VPS. Now, however, I host the Nitter instance at home, but make it available on the Internet through Tailscale, a little program I wrote called “ProxyExposer”, and Caddy. :nerd: I also briefly tried publishing a WordPress instance from home to the web this way. But I don’t have a use case for WordPress at the moment.


@en I've been self-hosting a few things too like libreddit, Whoogle and pihole. Available everywhere using Tailscale, and Caddy reverse proxy for using them on subdirectories. Could you share what exactly ProxyExposer does?

@aruns it helps me tunnel requests from Caddy on my VPS through Tailscale to my homeserver

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