We think were the smartest generation. But 50 years ago, car manuals explained how to adjust valves. Now they explain why you shouldn't drink the contents of the battery.

@artyr3 Nope, they don't even explain it. They're just like "don't".

@GreetingsFrom617Patroclus oh yes. we mustn't forget the seatbelt instructions. or the necessity of using wipers when its raining.

@artyr3 @GreetingsFrom617Patroclus

to be fair, drivers no longer have to regrind the valves and decoke the engine every few thousand km - it does vary between manufacturers; a manual for a Suzuki Swift I had as a courtesy car mentioned a lot more "old style" maintenance procedures.

But a lot of things are what you /should/ normally get taught in driving school (as least you do over here, whether people remember them is another matter..)

@artyr3 Ha! While that gave me a laugh, the real reason is the people from 50 years ago raised a generation of people who can't take responsibility for their own actions, so companies have to put stupid warnings on all products because they fear being sued.

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