We need to make CLI Great Again. Or at least make developing with NCurses cool again. Im working with files in ranger, playing music in moc, watching coin markets with cointop, reading feeds in newsboat, making todo lists in calcurse, and posting to Mastodon with fern...oh and reading reddit, at the same time, under 450mb of ram.

I wish I even had that many mb in the last century :-) Had to compile X and mysql, the kernel, etc.. in 16 mb of ram :-)

@artyr3 I would add browsh but it uses headless Firefox so not sure it will be so lightweight on resources (which is why you run it on a remote server!)

@tomosaigon browsh seems like a really cool project. Although, Ill be honest... on a personal level, I am turned off by projects that use the passive/aggressive "unregistered" spam model. I frequently donate to projects I appreciate. If a paid expansion service is available from the developer of an open project, I often sign up. But if the "unregistered" spam model is present, I usually just stop using it.

@artyr3 legit concern there, and not too common for such command line tools. I suppose it's open source so you could spend the time instead of money to hack out the unregistered message? 😎 (maybe also think about pushing Elementary OS AppCenter model)

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