Looks like DuckDuckGo is fighting back against Google’s mass surveillance in Chrome. I wonder if Google will try to block the extension in their web store?


Nearly everyone has heard this. But sit down and listen to it again. Listen to it with earphones, or some speakers with range. Compositionally, I think this is one of the best songs ever recorded. Plus there is something... eternal in the sounds. youtu.be/B3kFPBtc9BE

"LeGemini" project. Gemini over LORA using a small e-ink display device.
gemini link: gemini://avalos.me/articles/le

When piping "first-utility" | "second-utility , are there common strategies for maintaining key inputs for "first-utility" so they arent stripped by the pipe?

The fact that almost all wayland client applications have <linux.input.h> by default, seems to indicate its going to be a Linux only affair. *BSDs need not apply. Too bad. OpenBSD/Sway would be downright dreamy.

Im digging around in an old wordpress install for a friend. I swear... wordpress isnt a website. its an operating system. The file system is more complex that a fresh install of OpenBSD. BLOATY BLOAT BLOAT.


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