Seriously... at this point, who in their right mind would use Youtube as their primary video platform? Its a massive, corporate entity pushing corporate media, and commercials. Who wants that? Odysee, LBRY, and Peertube is where its at now.

My thinkpad t440p charger went kaput. Ordered another, but in the mean time I built a suckless environment on top of a minimal Void Linux install on my x200. Im fairly amazed by how snappy and functional it is. Its not even clearing 1G of ram as Im writing this. Its running so smoothly, i dont think I would notice a difference between the x200 and t440p unless I tried to render a video or play minecraft. I forgot how much I love the x200 keys...

Sometimes, briefly soaking your Thinkpad keyboard in 99% iso alcohol, saves you from buying a new one when you go full dumb dumb head, and violate the cardinal rule by setting an unstable full coffee cup next to said keyboard. I recommend avoiding this entire process.

Pine64 says:
RISC single board computer LoRaWAN Pine64 ecosystem.
Im already imagining a RISC handheld with LoRa sms

OK. Sometimes I just miss stuff. Obvious stuff too. Other times, I will think through (overthink) things, and sometimes be right, sometimes be wrong. But that phenomenon when you "just know" something.. with that hard to describe gut feeling... whenever that happens to me, it has never been wrong.
All Im saying is, I have this relentless gut feeling right now that the U.S. government is up to some really bad, privacy destroying shit with VPN traffic, and the Tor network. Id be happy to be wrong

We think were the smartest generation. But 50 years ago, car manuals explained how to adjust valves. Now they explain why you shouldn't drink the contents of the battery.

Well.. with Shotcut video editor dropping into -release today in 6.8, there is no tool lacking, for my workflow at least, to do everything I was doing on Linux. Win.

Ive been a Notes application junkie. Always looking for the perfect way to organize thoughts. Ive tried them all, on Mac, and Linux. The funniest thing is, after years of that nonsense, I am finding the most effective, reliable, and simple way is just to use Ranger-fm, with previews turned on, and make directories of simple .txt files. You can quickly read all entries in the preview pane, and you can even use fzf to search. And if you want backups, you can just 'git push'.

I just heard a soccer mom say she is going to build her own website so she can get off of Facebook. If this sentiment has moved all the way into the soccer mom realm, Facebook is in trouble.

This post about building your .vimrc is no longer up. Some would call it old. It exists now in archive form. It starts with a simple instruction... "dont put anything in your .vimrc that you dont understand." This kind of thinking pokes a stick in the eye of FOMO. And I like it very much. Go slow. Take your time. Learn. Poke FOMO in the eye with a stick.

In the same way that you can cat text on *nix, in OpenBSD you can aucat (audio cat) audio signals and direct them. In that same logic, midicat, (yes, midicat🤓 ) can do the same with midi. Connecting an external midi keyboard to an external synth through OpenBSD is as simple as,
$midicat -q midi/0 -q midi/1. These base system tools are simple and powerful, and they all operate on the same logic.

I just had the most pleasant onboarding experience ever with @OpenBSDAms . So very different than the giant corporate megalithic sites. So much more personal and informative. Now im sshed, and building...

Has anyone come across a "get free from Amazon" kind of post or list?
With a collection of smaller online retailers that collectively make up what someone would buy on Amazon?

When I jumped on the OpenBSD bandwagon, I had no awareness of the audio capabilities of the base system. Being able to pull all audio input from an external audio interface into an uncompressed .aiff with no jack, or pulseaudio layer, with really low latency, just using simple commandline options is kind of amazing.

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