If you place him over your thinkpad indicator light, he becomes Robo-Hayek.

pywal for the autoselection of Xresources colors is pretty cool.

@eletrotupi @arax Its tough... I dont wish you ill will as individuals. But Marxism's body count for the last century is higher than the populations of Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay combined. More than both world wars and every disease outbreak. It tries to change the subject away from its own history of mass murder and tyranny to the failures of capitalism, but offers no true answers, just Utopian promises. If capitalism is a cancer, Marxism is a black plague wearing a pretty mask.

Had some success and fun rebuilding a "parts or repair" Thinkpad t440p. I followed Octoperfs t440p build guide and recommendations. Kind of amazed by the sweet spot of older thinkpads right now. Its running Arch/i3 like a sprinter on sterioids...

We need to make CLI Great Again. Or at least make developing with NCurses cool again. Im working with files in ranger, playing music in moc, watching coin markets with cointop, reading feeds in newsboat, making todo lists in calcurse, and posting to Mastodon with fern...oh and reading reddit, at the same time, under 450mb of ram.

Im sitting in an offgrid tinyhome, listening to the sound of the rain, posting to mastodon from the commanline from a simple thinkpad x200... the water is heating up for coffee, and everything seems right. **** thankful ****

I heard that somewhere in America, one group of men wearing plastic pads carried an inflated pigskin egg across a line painted on some grass more than another group of men wearing similar plastic pads did. And that because of this, some people were happy, and other people were not happy.

@tzycce I saw your post on the FreeBSD forums. Did you ever get ProtonMail working? Just curious...

I mean... id like to use Brave browser, but I think Brave views FreeBSD users as people who live in the woods and can build their own house with hand made tools.
Ironically, I live in the woods, and build things with handtools. Anyway, i guess Ill go build Brave browser now.

Well any impression I may have had about Apple being privacy-centric is gone now. Apple won't implement encrypted backups at the behest of . . . you guessed it, the FBI 🥳

Just use an open source OS you actually *own* rather than something you are *allowed* to use that could change at any time without notice or consent 🙄

Spent the last few days building up FreeBSD on an inexpensive laptop. There is something about BSD that I really connect with. Cant put it into words exactly, but I like it. Jumped on the Suckless bandwagon, and now configuring poudriere...

It just dawned on me how much cooler Gitlab is than GIthub. Just sayin.

Should comments/replies in Pixelfed be chronological or ranked by like count/replies?

- Chronological Comments
- Ranked Comments

(Reply with your choice if your client doesn't support polls.)

#pixelfed #poll

@mike just found Pixelfed through your profile. Cant even express how excited it makes me to see that exists.


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