Blame on Windows, LabVIEW 

And it gets horribly frustrating when you diff the new file and the original one and see ably caption text is different.

Oh yes, I forgot to tell you that LabVIEW crashes when you try to load back the original localization.

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Blame on Windows, LabVIEW 

Today at work I started implementing some tools to ease localization of LabVIEW panels we develop.

So basically LabVIEW produces some xml-ish text files, so I wrote a simple python script that extracts caption texts and arranges them in a Excel spreadsheet to ease translation. Then on the way back it just replaces English captions with translated ones...

So far nothing mysterious.
But LabVIEW crashes miserably asserting new tags are present.

Torrent, sharing 

@artrotrogus might want to narrow that down. Torrents of what? Ubuntu ISO, TV shows, games, or research papers?

Torrent, sharing 

Hello fediverse! Could anyone please suggest me any survived and pretty decent place to find torrents? Thanks is advance.

Here are my most prized ...

Left: Larrivée Parlor Rosewood Special Edition 200? (bought used in 2006/2007)
Right: Larrivée LV-03RE 2005 (best impulse buy of my life! And one I couldn't afford anymore as retail price has nearly doubled in 15 years)

I rarely play the parlor, it's missing a bridge pin, and it badly needs a setup with fret sanding... Unless the raising humidity solves the issue.

While I'm still forced not going back to work, at least let's workout.

Calling COBOL a decades-old language is missing the point. All computer languages are decades old. C is 1.3 decades younger. Python is 3 decades old. Even JavaScript is multiple 10s of years. People still learn those today. COBOL was abandoned for bad design.

Article, blogpost 

My new article for my friend's blog, just to try to overcome quarantine boredom. If you have 5 minutes, it's written in Italian.è-que

Data science, machine learning, motivation 

Today I started the day by making my dog play in the fields near home, then I practiced Pencak Silat at full regime and now I am sooooo full of energy to face extreme frustration in another machine learning video course. Yay.

I had to get back to the Windiws partition in my laptop to make a 4 minute Skype call, then it took15 minutes to shut down.

Video lectures, courses, surgery 

Just done dental surgery and guess I'll have to recover staying home this days (also because of virus lol)... I was meditating on some machine learning course or other cool stuff at level of intermediate Python, better for free but not mandatory. Any good suggestions?

"If we can agree that universally, all people have a right to be protected in a pandemic, then we must also be able to agree that universally, all people have a right to be protected when crossing borders and seeking safety."

Code learning, what for? 

I think the sentence I repeated most of the times in the past year was

"Now I could learn also {{ random_language }}"

So for C++, Racket, Haskell... The problem is doing it for no specific purpose just ends up with tons of basic stuff and a steep descending motivation gradient. I am trying to find some projects that involve really useful programs, not just code learning for the sake of code learning. I'd like to step up my self learning to more reality-effective skills.

Zsh migration, compatibility 

Hello Fediverse, I'm wondering about migrating to zsh from bash because of many marvellous blinking lights to clutter your terminal and all that stuff... are there any known compatibility issues like with tmux, true colors support, shell scripts or similar? Thanks a lot!

Gaming on Linux, Exapunk 

Has anybody played Exapunk by Zachtronics? Any good experiences?

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