Okay, so I learned that Timeshift on Manjaro does not backup al files in your home directory. Horrible. I've lost a lot of my preferences and some scripts. :(
Have to do this seperately with "Back in Time". Unbelievable.

@ryo, it mentions this clearly in the setup wizard and allows you to override and include the home directory in the backup.

@artfulsodger Well, I must have completely overlooked that. I'll guess I'm not the only one.
That should be opt-out not opt-in.
What kind of nonsense is this not to backup the most important stuff?
Thanks for letting me know anyway.


@ryo, they clearly mentioned that it is a tool for system backups and not user data - github.com/teejee2008/timeshif. Since they also mention it in the setup process and allow you to override it, I'd say this is user error and not the tool's.

@artfulsodger Well, I never installed it. Timeshift was installed in my distribution by default, so I never saw that warning. Despite that, calling a backup program "Timeshift" and leaving out the most important part by default disqualifies this program as a serious backup solution.
And yes granted, they even say it that it's not a real backup program.
The name is what it implies if you know Timeshift from Apple which works great.

@ryo, the message is clearly displayed in the Timeshift setup wizard, which users have to go through on the first launch, irrespective of how Timeshift was installed. And the Apple backup tool is called 'Time Machine', not Timeshift. So, imho, it is still user error. 😀

@artfulsodger For me this is a concept error. not a user error.
But well, that's why a good program needs to be fool proof.
I'm such a fool assuming that a backup, actually backups my home directory.

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