At some point, the realization that you cannot counter dis-information with information will dawn on a lot of people. That is when things will really go down the drain.

I got a bit emotional finishing Permanent Record. Edward Snowden is not only an American hero, he is a hero for all of mankind.

I finished reading a couple of days ago and I liked it despite knowing about most of the stuff described in it. Edward Snowden is a hero!

Started playing today and so far it has felt like an inferior clone of with no improvements over the latter.

What I posted earlier in the first toot of this thread is incorrect. I was able to strip the DRM using the files downloaded from a slightly older version of the Kindle Desktop Windows app (☹️) using Calibre and the de-drm plugin. A Kindle device or its serial number weren't required at all. 😅

Today's hits a little too close to home—especially for anyone who has browsed the Internet with Tor.

I know many of you here have heard this or similar stories multiple times (or you wouldn't be here). But it's a story that needs to be told and shared over and over because it's important to us and our daily lives now and in the future.

Laura Kalbag and Aral Balkan speaking about privacy and freedom on the internet.

Bought the e-book version of "Permanent Record" today on, started reading it right away and completed ~25%. Since I don't have a Kindle device associated with my Amazon account, I couldn't de-DRM the book like I usually do for my e-book purchases. So I'm stuck with the Kindle app to read the book on my phone. 😞

Unfortunately, it looks like unfollowing those accounts is the only way to solve this atm ☹️

@Gargron for instance I've started following a lot of fellow Indians who migrated to Mastodon recently and the volume of toots from those users is very high and hence the toots from previous follows are drowned out and difficult to reach unless I scroll down a lot. Adding those follows to a list and hiding them from the home timeline will be useful.

Just wish that there was a way in Mastodon to add some of the follows with frequent toots to a list and hide their toots from the home timeline so that toots from other follows are not drowned out or pushed too far down. @Gargron I know there are open issues for this, but it doesn't look like it is not going to be worked on for various reasons.

Glad to see that Redmi Note 4 (mido) is now back with official support! Thanks to the new maintainer!

We need to talk about policing and facial recognition/fingerprint scanning. There needs to be better regulation of this activity. Do read:

if apps collected personal data to "improve their service", services would be good by now

In the history of India, seven million lives have never been paralysed in one stroke..

This is never contemplated under this Constitution. Which is why this kind of matter has never come before this court.

It is today, Kashmir. Tomorrow it could be Nagaland.

State has to be citizen's benefactor. All restrictions on rights have to be for citizens' benefits. Cannot be abrogative of the rights.

Ended up learning a lot of ways to do the same things and achieve the same goals. But I managed to get most of the things done exactly the way I wanted. The letsencrypt container acts as the reverse proxy for all the apps and terminates SSL. Running additional nginx containers for PHP sites running on FPM was unavoidable to keep the app-specific stuff in its own container stack.

Nearly done with migrating all my self-hosted services from native installations to a docker-compose based setup, just a couple more to go. It has been fun and challenging. The team has done a great job with their containers and I ended up using those for almost all my needs, saving a lot of effort and time 😅

The amateur hour continues with Firefox as Manjaro packaged a version newer than Arch and when the Arch package propagated to Manjaro, Firefox refused to start with the same profile due to the downgrade.

The most recent culprit is the 'fontconfig' package. They also pushed through a breaking change to the 'python-pip' package without proper testing and then removed the version which caused a similar issue 😒

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