"I wish there were still airplanes and trains."
"Why? Teleporters are cheaper and safer than both."
He shuddered. "I don't teleport. It kills you, then recreates you."
"It's the other way around," I laughed. "The universe is destroyed and recreated with you in a different place."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Since users usually keep their AC adapter connected while using their laptop, in order to maximize the of your Li-io , it's recomended to set the maximum charging threshold to 60%.



There is a file to set your battery charging threshold in ether. For linux:

Plasma 5.18 is out: easier system settings, interactive notifications, emojis, wallpapers and so much more:


Kinda embarassed that im super hyped for the desktop wide emoji picker in #KDE #Plasma 5.18.

Like it is THE new feature I am waiting for. Every time this week KDE Neon pinged me for an update ive been a little sad it wasn't for the 5.18 update; all because of the freaking emoji picker I wanna try.

Maybe we think we are in control of our life just because you have all the "needed" gadgets and services, but as soon as you control all that data with big tech companies (That mostly can't be trusted) we lose . Also, all that smart-things make us dumb-humans, so we should regulate what we do and use.

Installed on my Huawei Watch and I'm very happy to use it. There are a few significant bugs like there being no sound or vibration for the alarms, apps not opening and at the same time being unable to go back to the main screen which shows the time. Time to report a few bugs.

#Mozilla's acquisition of Pocket really broke my heart in a lot of ways. Still does.

We're coming up on three years since they acquired pocket.

And we still don't have source in which people can host their own servers NOR source for pocket mobile apps.

Coming up on one year since they closed all the bugs about the above from their bugzilla too.

WhatsApp not respecting the system-wide 'do not disturb' settings is annoying! I'm trying to quit using it, but there are still a few things for which I need it. 😠

It you have a google account please help with reporting this as harmful and impersonating.

*DO NOT INSTALL* (except if you are a malware researcher πŸ˜‰)

Fake F-Droid app, please report:

me, 2009: "it's going to be so cool when everything is connected to the internet"

me, 2019: "oh my god everything is connected to the internet"

Yet another 'meh' Steam sale in which I bought nothing. Feeling sad and happy at the same time 😐

I just bought a @LGUS@twitter.com TV, and it asked me to agree to twenty pages of terms before it would work. It also doesn't support Miracast, the only thing I want this TV to support. Instead, it has proprietary protocols for each app. "TV" stands for "telescreen".

The future is terrible.

I'm looking at replacing the Chromecast (used for Plex and YouTube) connected to the TV with a LibreElec installation on Raspberry Pi 4, for privacy and freedom. However, I'm having trouble getting YouTube videos to play at 1080p even after fiddling with extensions and settings. None of the suggestions in the relevant search results work. At this point, I'm wondering if it's really worth trying to do this. The clunky Kodi interface doesn't feel good to me either.

Tried :elementary: for the first time, in a VM. While I can see why it is good and liked by some users, I found it to be too dumbed down for a power user like me.

A few hours into , I find it very boring. πŸ˜’ I hope things get better from here.

Got my first , a Raspberry Pi 4, today. Installed the full Raspbian version and tried it out. It was okay but not for me as I don't want a DE on it. It might be a good desktop replacement device for my parents. Gotta try interesting, non-desktop stuff after trying Kodi (want to stop using Chromecast for Plex).

don't buy the from the first Humble Choice bundle. It only has the base game, now called the "Definitive Edition", and upgrading it to the definitive edition costs as much as buying a whole new game. Even when on sale, the upgrade costs more than the $12 price for the bundle.

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