is a good grounding mechanism that life provides. When a loved one dies, it makes many of us think of our own mortality, re-assess what actually matters and what doesn't and gives a fresh take on and what it is to live, to and be loved, have people to lean on and vice-versa. It's awesome that death often teaches more about life than living itself does. ✌🏽

I was worried when I kept seeing articles on Android Police by @corbin and his colleagues for the updates landing for all the phones in the same generation except my phone and even the phones in the previous generation, I was disappointed and worried that OnePlus was again going to push very late updates for my phone 😌

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Is it a dream? My OnePlus 7T Pro got the November security patch in November - the first on-time update since the phone released late last year!

"It's amazing how many organisations are given access on but the end-user isn't!" - shared from a scary but true Hacker News comment that resonates with me.

After running into broken window decorations, shadows etc. recently, I had assumed that it had to do with something breaking on 5.20. But after I found that everything was working on a fresh user account, I had to investigate. After some digging, I found that the compositor had crashed once ( incompatibility on 5.9 kernel?) and Plasma had persistently disabled it after that. I re-enabled it and restarted the computer to get everything back to normal again! 😌

Quick reminder that awk is cool and useful and easy to learn and you won't regret spending 20 minutes adding it to your toolbox

And finally the FreeStyle Libre releases in India and I managed to buy one 😀

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This is shady af and there is almost no result from trustworthy sites in the first few pages and often none

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Every single article, other than those from the official site, that shows up in the search result peddles a random , even when I'm not trying to do anything that might even require one 😒

Forced the devices connected to my home network to use the local DNS server by blocking all outgoing traffic from all other IP addresses. devices ignore the DNS servers provided by DHCP and blindly use Google DNS if it is accessible 🤬 This fixed that and other devices having hard-coded DNS servers 😎

Have been trying out , which I have never used before, on :ubuntu: 20.10 in a VM for working on a side-project and I kinda like how polished the experience is. The last time I used Ubuntu was more than 8 years ago, just before Unity made it in.

After creating such a nice theme and its dark variant, I wonder why @ubuntu doesn't enable the Yaru dark GNOME shell theme as well when the user selects the dark theme from the 'Appearance' settings page. This has to be fixed manually in 20.04 and 20.10 by following the instructions in

Reported a bug about this (against what appears to be the wrong package). Hope that gets triaged, moved to the right place and fixed eventually. 🤞

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Tried installing and testing in a VM and noticed a very obvious issue with the default setup. When choosing a full disk installation with ZFS, the installer creates a ~400-500 MB boot partition from a boot pool. That gets filled up pretty quickly with kernel, initramfs updates and the space is not gained on removing older stuff because zsys takes snapshots which use up a comparable amount of space.

While the main story was good (but predictable), most of the other content was like a copy-paste Ubisoft game with a lot of repetitive filler content, only saved by how fun the core gameplay loop was. Still had to grind for the platinum trophy and 100% completion.

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Completed today ✅ and with it my first ever platinum trophy! 😀 Still have to play the DLC.

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Everytime I think of switching to an iPhone to get out of the Android privacy shithole (relatively), Apple reminds me of all the reasons why I haven't done it till now and adds more new reasons on top of those 🤷‍♂️

Many updates later, still does the wrong thing too often when swiping up/down or left/right 😔

Completed today ✅ 😀 Never though I'd complete an Ubisoft game, but I just did 🤷‍♂️

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