Magic-Wormhole ( is pure magic! Works perfectly for transferring files between computers ♥

It looks like this might've been reverted, at least for the time being. Today, I got a warning that the installed version of the 'python-pip' package is newer than the version in the repository when I ran 'pacman -Syu'.

Why privacy matters

Glenn Greenwald was one of the first reporters to see -- and write about -- the Edward Snowden files, with their revelations about the United States' extensive surveillance of private citizens. In this searing talk, Greenwald makes the case for why you need to care about privacy, even if you're "not doing anything you need to hide."

Deconstructing Google's excuses on tracking protection,

A must read. Google tries to bend the reality with obvious false arguments. The article shows evidences of that.

PSA developers using :manjaro:, a recent change to the 'python-pip' package adds a global /etc/pip.conf which sets the 'user' flag to 'True' and this breaks all the 'pip install' commands run within a virtualenv environment. Prefixing the 'pip install' command with PIP_USER=false is the workaround suggested by the package maintainer. More details here -

Ended up wasting an hour on this today 😠


> Can anyone recommend a good dummies guide to ? I’ve used it, but never learned it.

The official book, Pro Git is *really* good, and free (in all senses of the word)

Can't believe that in 2019, minor version updates take ~30 minutes after reboot, every single time. Have seen this on a high-end Macbook Pro and also a not-so-high-end Macbook Air

Using the Freestyle Libre Pro for the first time! I'm excited 😎

Being followed by a faceless and silent avatar is creepy.
Here’s my suggestion for newbies: set a picture and write at least one, preferably four posts that tell us something about yourself, about what to expect.
If you follow me, I will look at your profile and maybe I’ll follow back. But I’m not following a faceless and silent avatar.
Now... how to get this message out to newbies... 🤔

Don’t get trapped by your office suite! Some software vendors are pushing users towards online subscription models – but LibreOffice is different. It's free, it doesn't require registration or yearly payments, and it gives you control over your documents:

I'm disappointed with what Firefox does on first startup. They should get rid of the google API calls. Yes, this is hard. Yes, they can.

TrebleShot ( is a nifty application for transferring files between phones (and also between computers using their alpha desktop application) through any of the available connections. It is available on F-Droid ( and also on Google Play Store.

Started playing Sunset Overdrive last week and it is fun! This is the second Insomniac game that I'm playing after Ratchet and Clank (in progress). Sad that they are unlikely to make any more games on PC after Sony Entertainment acquired them.

Rayman Legends is a much better platforming game than the 2D Super Mario U Bros Deluxe will ever be!

(2) is a fun .

In SuperTux you control who must traverse the frozen lands to save Penny. Through this journey Tux will encounter many enemies and obstacles which must be dodged or attacked. Various powerups exist, as well as coins which both increase your score and give you a second chance if you fail a level.

Website 🔗️:

apt 📦️: supertux

There are other similar tools like fasd, z, j which do the same or even more

I learned about yet another awesome tool, autojump (, which is great for quick directory navigation and saves a lot of typing and time!

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