Wrote a blogpost going into what's up with PixelDroid, mentioning the grant and going into some details about infrastructure, translations, ...


Feedback welcome, and please help me find a digital artist that might be interested in drawing some cutesy red pandas 馃槉

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@IzzyOnDroid Well, I know GMS is not FOSS, I was just hoping this particular part was for some reason so I wouldn't have to beg and scrape for some stooges to remove spyware from the app that is supposed to literally be used by most of the EU...

@IzzyOnDroid thank you. I *am* tired

Actually, I'm still not sure this is actually proprietary... the only gms thing I can find are mvnrepository.com/artifact/com (Apache, so FOSS) and com.google.android.gms:play-services-oss-licenses (for which I can't find any license info?)

By the way, on the page for the EU wallet app on @IzzyOnDroid 's repo there's a "nonfreedep" warning, why is that? I don't see any proprietary dependencies 馃

Maybe I'm just too tired


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I've been having some fun getting the Swiss Covid Certificate apps onto F-Droid, with reproducible builds.

Just got the verifier app to build reproducibly! So, presumably we will get this published on F-Droid before the cantons start handing out the certificates :)

Now, onto the EU wallet app! That might be a bit more of a challenge...

@brandon @angristan and windows doesn't do that either (although they might send it later, possibly)

@brandon @angristan android doesn't send something to google every time you open an app. Maybe the Play Services do, but I don't even think so

@brandon @angristan let me push you over the edge (in the right direction): macOS will literally ask Apple for permission by uploading a hash every time you want to execute executables... for "security"

@yarmo @hejowhat You traitor! User 5 is the real MVP, and you know it

@werwolf @hejowhat right, that was the last thing I was still using. But since I only use FOSS apps now and have ublock on firefox, I don't use it anymore 馃し

@hejowhat curious, what do people still use root for these days? I just got rid of magisk because I realized I don't use it

@Iutech do you have a source on that? (French is fine)

Would indeed be great news!

Does anyone know where to find build status for microG's Lineage builds? Seems to have stopped building for my devices for more than two weeks now :/

@XxAlexXx Nah it's probably fine, as long as you don't install apks from non trusted places.

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