For those of you that use Jellyfin :jellyfin: :

Try out jftui

Or jellyfin-mpv-shim, depending on your tastes. jftui is a lot simpler, and does most of what I used jellyfin-mpv-shim for

Residents of the Netherlands, get some free money and hurt Facebook (double dipping!) :

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I'll be streaming some with free music in the background (mostly CC-BY-SA, but it's just the playlist from @aprilorg 's podcast)

Join me at!

Maybe @yarmo will be there as well, who knows 🤷

(User 5 please join we need food)

While working on @PixelDroid it's kind of useful to have my own instance of Pixelfed to tinker with. Finally got mine up and running, after a lot of trial and error, so I made a blogpost about it 😃

Set up your own Pixelfed instance with Docker:

I wish I could've gotten the postmarketOS one, but of course it was easy enough to change. The logo on the back is still there though :(


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