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Been working a lot on design consistency and colours.

Next release will:
* upgrade to Material 3
* let you choose between 4 colour themes!
* maybe include a new, cute, mascot on the splash screen and "About" screens? This depends on the artist's timeline so I don't know yet :)

Yay I don't need to know what a RESERVATION STATION is anymore (sounds like some star wars thing tho)

Back to some PixelDroid development, and enjoying non-exam-stress life :)

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Someone just translated the whole app into Hungarian! Thanks a lot Balázs! ❤️

If you want to contribute to the translations, please check out

We self-host our weblate instance. If you want to help with the hosting costs, you can donate on

(Yes I slightly published this in advance of the date but it's because I wanted the dates to line up exactly 👀 )

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Yay, it's time for another PixelDroid update :)

The last one was a year ago!

I discuss what changes happened on PixelDroid, what I'm working on right now and what is to come in the near future :)

Wrote a blogpost going into what's up with PixelDroid, mentioning the grant and going into some details about infrastructure, translations, ...

Feedback welcome, and please help me find a digital artist that might be interested in drawing some cutesy red pandas 😊

By the way, on the page for the EU wallet app on @IzzyOnDroid 's repo there's a "nonfreedep" warning, why is that? I don't see any proprietary dependencies 🤔

Maybe I'm just too tired

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I've been having some fun getting the Swiss Covid Certificate apps onto F-Droid, with reproducible builds.

Just got the verifier app to build reproducibly! So, presumably we will get this published on F-Droid before the cantons start handing out the certificates :)

Now, onto the EU wallet app! That might be a bit more of a challenge...

Does anyone know where to find build status for microG's Lineage builds? Seems to have stopped building for my devices for more than two weeks now :/

I wanted to be able to work on PixelDroid without having to uninstall the F-Droid build, so I finally got around to making the debug builds have a different applicationId, with a different icon. Behold, my artistic legend lead to this magnificent creation :

I've been working on PixelDroid using my OnePlus One... just got a phone from this decade and wow things are fast and smooth on newer hardware.

Still going to continue using my old phone for testing most of the time since it's useful to make sure performance is good.

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So excited to announce Keyoxide version 3.0.0 🎉

This update was worth the wait, with a (much needed 😎) redesign that is cleaner and more consistent that before.

Now also featuring server-side rendering! So not only pretty darn fast, but also parseable by Mastodon! Keyoxide links in Mastodon bio with a ✅ for everyone 🤩

Thank all for your support. Here's to taking our online identity back from Big Tech!

For those of you that use Jellyfin :jellyfin: :

Try out jftui

Or jellyfin-mpv-shim, depending on your tastes. jftui is a lot simpler, and does most of what I used jellyfin-mpv-shim for

Residents of the Netherlands, get some free money and hurt Facebook (double dipping!) :

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I welcome our AI overlords

Do not favorite or retoot this. If you do, I will know you're a bot and will have to act accordingly.

I'll be streaming some with free music in the background (mostly CC-BY-SA, but it's just the playlist from @aprilorg 's podcast)

Join me at!

Maybe @yarmo will be there as well, who knows 🤷

(User 5 please join we need food)

While working on @PixelDroid it's kind of useful to have my own instance of Pixelfed to tinker with. Finally got mine up and running, after a lot of trial and error, so I made a blogpost about it 😃

Set up your own Pixelfed instance with Docker:

I wish I could've gotten the postmarketOS one, but of course it was easy enough to change. The logo on the back is still there though :(


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