Hey GNU/Linux users, what distro are you using for your main PC desktops/laptops?

So we have a winner in our distro poll... Or, we don't? As for distro "families", it looks like the Debian one wins, with Arch coming really close. But Debian-family means Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, MX and a whole lot of alternatives. But... Red Had, in desktop/laptop, mostly means Fedora, so if you think about it, that may be the real winner, if we consider individual options. Anyway, thanks to everybody who voted, commented and shared this! :)

@array I don't want to answer because I don't want to be grouped in with people using manjaro :p

You hate being associated with Manjaro; I hate being associated with Gnu.

Maybe someday. I mostly just mean that I can't stand RMS. Maybe I'll get over it someday. But that day is not today.


So you use the tools every day for most of your stuff, but don't want to be associated with it? That's kind of weird :p

I have no love for stallman, I also strongly doubt that he's GNU, he's just one person in the group.


I use LibreOffice everyday too, but they don't suggest that I call my OS LibreOffice slash Linux.


That's a disingenous arguement, how many of the things your os does for you do rely on GNU-libc or bash, or any of the command line programs that your tools use?


Hahaha. I don't really care that much. I'm just being contrarian, because I won't call it gnu slash linux. My argument is wildly disingenuous. I apologize.


I am the same that way, I never say it because I just find it to look silly :p Also it's another place where americans are trying to coopt something someone else made, like always :p


@sotolf @noble @array I don't need gnu on my system to do things. Except the libc I need gnu. And just the stuff that require gnu utils but if I had to I could use flatpak and no gnu


??? and? Did I say you can't do things without gnu? I don't think so... I was asking a question to a specific person that was not you based on a conversation we were having..

And I was mentioning ways to not use gnu tools earlier in the conversation, so I have no idea what you're on about to be honest.

@noble @array

@sotolf @noble @array I was just saying that it does not need to be called gnu/linux because even if its used in most distros I don't need to use it.

But whatever does not matter much what I said.

@noble @sotolf @array I can proudly announce that I am a Trisquel GNU/Linux-libre Nabia (Debian-based) user, which is one of the FSF-endorsed GNU/Linux distributions. It contains only free software (as in freedom).

@array I'm using the Guix system, which is inspired by NixOS.

@aearo @array yep, got Void on my laptop, NAS, RPI and VPS.

Can't complain. All is snappy as ever.

@udoge @array wow is that around, I think that was the first distro I tried out back in 06

@sotolf @udoge @array Your really old. I tried pclinuxos in a vm and I don't like how it installed proprietary software like zoom by default. Also I don't see any benefit to it over any other distro.

Besides its a really weird concept with not using sudo and using apt but with rpm packages.

@jason123santa @array @udoge "really old" :p yeah time to send me to the old people's home.

@array Been on @opensuse Tumbleweed for nearly 1 year now and loving it! Does everything I need and more :)

@MrFrog give 20

@array I need Windows for certain software I use in my classes, but I use Ubuntu via WSL, which works like a charm now that GUI apps work. I even got a full desktop environment working over rdp

@array I have used Void for 2 years now in my laptop. In this time I've tried other distros but I always return to void :blobcatcheer:


LMDE works for me.
If not that.. then the unofficial Debian non-free ISO.
If not that, then the Debian official ISO, but that's going to take more time and effort...

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