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From “launched” to “taken offline” in about 8 hours.

QT redman: Some personal news! ✨

Two friends and I created a new thing to fix online recipes 😄 - your favourite recipes except without the ads or life stories 🍩

Feedback and RTs appreciated! 🙏

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I'm currently watching "Planet of the humans" and @ 47:42 the transcript reads:

"...1000s of years to reach a population of 700 M, then, with the use of stored energy, in 200 years to 7 B and consumption per person increased by 10 X

... a total human impact 100 X greater than only 200 years ago ... the most terrifying realization ..."

I've thought for years that #coal, #oil and #gas have been the basis of an exploding human population.

No current policies will cope with this crisis.

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A concise explanation, if you don’t mind the occasional* swear word.

* every second or so.

QT AlecStapp: This video does a better job explaining what’s really going on with Australia’s “News Media Bargaining Code” than any article I’ve seen from traditional media sources:

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Map showing countries that mandate mobile phone reg. Shame on Europe for failing to uphold your reputation of #privacy respect.

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What makes this all the more impressive is that vim is a keyboard-based text editor.

And everyone knows that, rather than use a keyboard, a cat prefers a mouse.


QT CecileTonglet: So, I was finishing a code that finally compiled, I was very happy. Then the cat arrived and laid down on the desk and pressed 678uihjk by "chance" which on neovim:

undo the 678 last actions I did on the file
go into insert mode
insert "hjk" which discarded the redo history

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Today I learned that if you want to do a reverse-lookup on an npm module, you can use npm ls. e.g.,

npm ls sodium-native

That’ll show you which module(s) use the sodium-native module.

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New surveillance techniques combined with AI pose a severe threat to everybody's privacy. Just think about Clearview's picture database:

Help us stop this privacy intrusion by signing the petition by Reclaim Your Face:

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🇬🇧 More than 29.000 people signed the citizens initiative to #StopBiometricMassSurveillance. We need 1 million for the EU Commission to look into it. Please help:


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EU_politics + encryption + privacy 

The EU Council has approved a resolution to undermine encrypted communications for EU citicens:

A petition to declining this resolution and to keep citicens' privacy is online at the EU parliament:

As of today at 23:40 CET this petition was signed by 12 Supporters


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Hey, fellow Mastodonians, what is your favourite music, like genres or bands etc?

For me, it is blues (Ben Ezra, Fat Walters), piano jazz (Fazil Say, Mieczysław Kosz), classical guitar jazz (De Lucia, Di Meola), old eletronic (Jarre, Koto, Kraftwerk), a'capella covers (Pentatonix, Home Free), and traditional Irish music (Loreena McKennit, The Henry Girls, Altan, Anuna).

When coding, some mild electronic-trans is my sweet spot. Keeps me focused for prolonged time.

I've remapped Capslock to Escape and I will never go back. Try it!

`xkb_options caps:escape`

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