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How to solve a problem the German way:

1️⃣ build a new bike path
2️⃣ block the pavement with equipment for air-pollution monitoring
3️⃣ do not reduce car traffic, but put six huge vacuum cleaners next to the monitoring station onto the bike path
4️⃣ set up 14 traffic signs that legalize riding on the pavement, whereever a vacuum cleaner blocks the bike path.
5️⃣ problem solved! SUCCESS!


#fahrrad #cycling @mastobikes @mastobikes_de

@garritfra European companies supporting electric battery production.

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my wife found this tea towel at her granny's house and I can't stop laughing at it

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I'm so so fortunate in life to have found a fulfilling job working with people I respect, who are unapologetically outspoken and whose principles are well aligned with mine, as I solve interesting problems helping us sustainably make the world a better place for those with the least but who need what we're providing the most.

@rosano Strange, I've created an Issue on Codeberg:

I don't have access to Safari 12, but I'll have a look into this.

Cheers for reporting it!

@mondstern That's a really great project. Are you also releasing them under a free license?


A easy-to-use contact sharing app that requires no backend! Soon to work completely offline.

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What are you working on right now? Share your #FOSS projects with us.

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Last week's EU deal on #chatcontrol will result in the automatic searching of all your personal electronic mail and messages for presumed suspect content using error-prone #AI algorithms that will report you to the police, guilty or not. And more to come.

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Well @downey I found example #2 of 3000 FOSS people agreeing on something:

Hey @be , thanks for the great, constructive comments you're leaving on the Audacity PR. You're Doing the FOSS community a great service. 🤗

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