Experimenting for a logo for

Trying to capture the idea of freedom while focusing on a "L".

As in "L" for Love and Libre!

Would love feedback!

So here I was, scrolling HN, and something caught my eye.

My Project QCard! Someone had shared it and it's caused a wave of traffic on the site.

Really surprised and grateful. 😁

Still have Twitter and got a minute?

Leave a comment to help convince Adrian to release Simple Analytics as FOSS!


Game Dev 

Got a height-map generated and some made some shaders, First time attempting both!

Progress report

Development has slowed down as I keep spending all my time sliding around.

I'm now correcting the movement direction according to the surface normal, which makes all kinds of slopes possible!

Replaced the Nvidia with a 5700xt and now I can finally game on Linux!

Hey Fediverse!


Published another update to my FOSS project: QCard

Added more information about how it all works.

Please drop me any feedback!


Boosts Appreciated, I think this has a really cool use-case! 🚀

One thing that sucks about the Fish shell is trying to find answers online..

Because __actual__ fish exist.

Finally settled on a domain for my app.


FOSS, client side, private contact sharing!

Spread the word (I think it's really cool and you should too, kthx)


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