Throwback to a game I made where you control a self propelling beer bottle.

With a simple change, now the "Edit" button will only render when he QCard was created with that browser. 😃

You can now edit existing QCards!

Plus, I made the home page a little more exciting!

Some progress shots.

It's an Iris Rev.4 running QMK. Just need to figure out my own keymap and get this encoder working.

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I've reached my end game - Finally built my split keyboard!

Experimenting for a logo for

Trying to capture the idea of freedom while focusing on a "L".

As in "L" for Love and Libre!

Would love feedback!

Hey Fediverse!

Published another update to my FOSS project: QCard

Added more information about how it all works.

Please drop me any feedback!


Boosts Appreciated, I think this has a really cool use-case! 🚀


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