I want to make a FOSS clone of

Who's in?

I created a room if anyone wants to hang out!

You don't need an account:

@arran I love that idea, but have other priorities at the moment. Longer term, I would very much like to help with that. Short term my main interest would be to keep track of the ongoing efforts and perhaps add a bit of support here and there.

@arran I like the idea a lot, but have seen one of these?

Also, the people at Gather Town are not generally opposed to open source their platform, as far as I know.

@floppy Had not seen Work adventure! That looks really good.

Unfortunately a license isn't specified in their repo.

@arran You're right, I cannot quickly find the license in the repository either. But it's a modified AGPL v3, have a look here:

@floppy Really appreciate your input, this is very similar to what I had in mind.

Have you seen

Quite nice.
It was used in a recent conference.

Since there is no pricing info I guess these want to get a user base & then sale it off in an exit scenario.

@arran ActivityPub based, I hope? I cannot dedicate any time at the moment but I'm interested.

@lig That would be interesting. How do you think this be used?

@arran Well, something chat-like as Matrix or XMPP fits even better, IMO. I needed some time to think about it:)
Then any movement is just a special chat message in some room. Movements outside rooms could be local. Public hallways could be rooms as well.
Add WebRTC and form streams and their sound volume on the client basing on the room metadata.


Now this sounds really cool, It would be like a decentralized MMO of WebRTC!

@arran That looks promising, I might have to spend sometime exploring it. Thank you Arran!

@arran It wont work and tells me to use Chrome... yeah right! 🤣😂🤣😂

@arran I'm on Firefox Klar, maybe desktop is ok 🙂

@arran BTW, there is also that does kinda the same but in less gamificated way.

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