> Why Open-Source?
> Would you buy a meal if the restaurant refused to tell you the ingredients? Would you buy a car if you weren’t allowed to look under the hood?

@garritfra I really like how succinct the wording is - Definitely going to use something to that effect in future to stress the importance of free and open source software.

@arran @garritfra

I disagree, they use " Free" to mean "gratis". I never really understood the confusion about "Free Software"... it's such an easy concept.

@arran I often open-source also because it may make me aware of mistakes I may have made by someone more experienced.

@arran unfortunately cars are going that way... Have you looked under the hood of a new car? Just a plastic cover and you need a proprietary manufacturer software and/or specialized tools to do basic diagnostics and maintenance tasks.

@Danbert8 This is a great point, However I'm confident there will be a FOSS electric vehicle in next ~10 years.

@arran I dream of a car that is like a computer where you can order a case, power unit, motor, etc from different manufacturers and they can bolt up and plug in together with universal or adaptable connections.

Open Source?

Another group uses the term “open source” to mean something close (but not identical) to “free software”. We prefer the term “free software” because, once you have heard that it refers to freedom rather than price, it calls to mind freedom. The word “open” never refers to freedom.


@firaas I also use the correct terminology when referring to libre software.

This post is quoting the article.

The "article" is confused and confusing!

I prefer: Gratis, and the term "Libre"... the English word "free" is too confusing for many, wouldn't you agree? 😉



I like Libre Software - It's obscure, sure.. But maybe time can change that. 😅

IMO "Free" and "Gratis" primarily communicate cost, whereas Libre communicates freedom.

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