Seeing how the general Tech crowd has reacted to the Signal news is nice. Glad most of us are on the same page.

@willricketts @softwareAnarchist @Metruzanca

Signal is integrating Mobile Coin, a pre-mined Cryptocurrency into the the app.

@arran @willricketts @Metruzanca Why did they choose Mobile Coin over an objectively better crypto like Monero?

@softwareAnarchist @arran @willricketts @Metruzanca

"While more established privacy-focused cryptocurrencies like Zcash and Monero have been more widely used and arguably better tested, Marlinspike says Signal chose to integrate MobileCoin because it has the most seamless user experience on mobile devices, requiring little storage space on the phone and needing only seconds for transactions to be confirmed."


@allien @arran @willricketts @Metruzanca So they chose speed and convenience over the thing they claim to support, privacy. Good to know

@softwareAnarchist @allien @arran @Metruzanca I still don't understand why their desktop clients are designed to look like a mobile SMS app.

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