Made my first contribution to the AUR.

If you're on Sway - Check it out!

@arran congrats! It's the single efforts like this combined that make the community strong. I don't use sway, but can appreciate this!

@arran If you substitute wl-clipboard by xclip, there is no reason this wouldn't also work on X11, right? :)

@arran Awesome!! When I'm back home, I'll integrate it into my NixOS dotfiles and will perhaps come around to packaging it for Nix if that sounds good to you :)

@totoroot That would be great! I've just received a PR on the project already. Gotta love this community :D

I didn't try out rofmoji, but it looks similar to luke smith's emoji script on his dotfiles -

In it he use dmenu and xclip to get the job done.

@futureisfoss Probably where I got inspired. :p

This now also works with xclip, has a lot of emoji's too

@arran I was using Splatmoji but this one works better in all the apps. Splatmoji refused to paste in some apps.

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