Been using FlorisBoard for a week or so now, after previously using net-blocked Swiftkey. It's certainly the best FOSS keyboard I've used!

It's in Alpha,so doesn't have everything you would expect, but does have cool features!

- Dynamic color theme for each app
- Intuitive cursor control
- One handed mode
- Gestures

It doesn't have auto-complete/suggestions yet, but I'm taking it as an opportunity to improve my spelling. 😃

@arran It looks neat yeah :) I just have to wait until it gets fat-finger friendly :p what I really would love would be a phone with a physical 9 pad and T9 again, those were the good days I used to be so fast at writing on those old phones :D


Yeah me too, miss being able to type without looking.

If you're up for a challenge - Checkout Vim8! Icve dabbled and I can see the potential.

@arran I used to use 8pen, but in practice it's really slow because there are so many sverves and loops, I'm pretty good at messageease, there is no open version of it though I think, but it's so far for me the fastest keyboard for writing without wordlists.

@arran @celia You're very welcome! I'm glad you seem to like it as much as I do :)

@arran It doesn't yet have English - India as a layout (= no ₹ symbol).

I had understood "no autocorrect" to still mean that a dictionary would be available for correct, partly typed words.

It looks very good right now, but I'll wait for a further release before making it my default. 😅


@arran It has suggestions(WIP) and gesture typing now(PR opened yesterday). And yes, it's the best FOSS keyboard app.

@arran I've been using FlorisBoard since maybe the second or third release from them and it buggy at first, but FlorisBoard are today the best FOSS keyboard I've ever used! And I have used all of them that exists on F-Droid and IzzyOnDroid.

@arran I gave it a try earlier after seeing talk about it on here and have to agree. I'm looking forward to switching to it full time if/when they add some sort of clipboard manager.

@arran I would also suggest Anysoft keyboard but they bring on the updates very slow

@arran thank you for the suggestion. 👍 I've long wanted a keyboard with actual cursor key support.

@arran +1 for florisboard sent a patch to add the workman layout. it’s brilliant.

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