Finally started to start setting up an Ansible playbook to deploy my Sway setup! Reproducible setups, here we come.

@arran Saweeet! Are you using git to manage your playbooks?

@garritfra I will be! I currently use Chezmoi to deploy my configs (

But found what I really want Is a way to reproduce my entire setup across machines - Maximum automation!

@garritfra @arran Ansible is nice for setup stuff. I loved to create blank Linux VMs and configure them with Ansible into a basic developer machine.
Was fun to learn, even so I always ended with existing playbooks. Someone always had a far more sophisticated solution :D

@ghost_letters @garritfra Maybe you've got 60 seconds to setup a vm and improve the Ansible playbook?😅

@garritfra Initial version is public.

Will be setting up a new machine soon and will make the changes as the eventual problems appear.

Made it while on a train, expect nothing 🔥

@peter I really like Chezmoi, i find the cli easy to use and also the templating is sweet.

I'll see over time if this Ansible playbook will replace the requirement of Chezmoi - But the combination of two may be useful.. or painful..

@arran Welcome to the world of reproducibility! We've got cookies! 😄

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