My Bill Splitting / Accounting PWA is coming along!

@arran Is this going to be an open source alternative to Splitwise? :)

@hund Exactly! Plus more :p

As of now it's all client side running within the browser. I'm slapping on the ability to sync later.

@arran Neat! I'm looking forward to it. My partner is currently forcing me to use Splitwise.. :(

@arran It would be a huge bonus if you could import the data from Splitwise as well. :)

@arran Neat!

I'm familiar with the ins- and outs, architecture, API, tech and setup of one of worlds' largest bill-splitting apps, so feel free to shoot me questions on the PM if you have any!

@flockingbird Oh wow, that's great! Thanks, I'll have to take you up on that :)

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